Hazel Turned Three!

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Her first fried ice cream and hat combo :)

Our minimalist birthday party was a HUGE success.  Everyone had so much fun, especially Hazel!  Friends and family were eager to help her help the kitties.  It was the first kids party I truly enjoyed.  It’s so cool to experience the world through my kids’ eyes.  Hazel said it was ‘the best day ever’ and she helped so many cats.

The day in review:

We woke Hazel up with a happy birthday, she was so excited.  She got to be the princess for the day.  Her brother picked out a birthday dress for her which she really liked.  We started the day by running to grandma and grandpas house to make cupcakes.  I got off easy because she wanted her own decorations and to do her own toppings.  So I just made bare cupcakes, she helped.  I grabbed some paint pallets and James grabbed some candies and then we took her to lunch.

She got a burrito and some fried ice cream.  After lunch we went to build-a-bear and she got to make her favorite, Princess Poppy.  It was spendy for a stuffed toy BUT awesome to watch her, she loved it!  Poppy is now pretty much our third child… well fourth if you count Denny.  Then we went to the store to get her some brand new painties… She was potty trained a while ago but we had a little set back a month or two ago, new panties were a good reset, she’s back on track!

Then naptime and off to the park for a pizza party.  It was rainy and windy but we didn’t have room (or desire really) for last minute changes so we went forward.  The park we met at is new and it was a lot of peoples’ first time being there so we had fun anyway.  Hazel loved running around with her friend Maddie (she said it was her favorite part of the whole day) and playing with her cousins.

Everyone brought huge stacks of cat toys and food that was amazing!  It barely fit in the back of the car, Hazel was so proud!  I got to reinforce, several times over how it was SO cool that she could be that big of a good thing!


In the morning we got to get up and take her out for a bonus lunch and to deliver the cat food!  It was so cool guys!  They were very grateful, I guess the cats don’t get a lot of love at the Humane Society, people do dog donations a fair amount but it was more rare for the cats.  They had to do a couple loads with a shopping cart to get everything.  They thought i must have done a fund raiser at my work and I got to say nope, my three year old daughter is amazing, she did it!  They were impressed.

They don’t usually let things be delivered directly to the cats but I asked if Hazel could deliver the toys herself while they took everything else in back.  They said it wasn’t a problem so we got to deliver the toys!  I think that is a super important step and I would have been bummed if we couldn’t!  It was the most fun!  Hazel picked the first cat and the toy he would most like and the cat took it right out of her hand and stated playing with it!  Cat’s so don’t do that in my experience but that cat is cool in my book!

She was so pleased to make that cat’s day and then she still got to pick more cats to make happy.  She went through several and then a lady came and took one of the cats to the back room and left the cage open.  Hazel said she wanted to stick a toy in there ‘so he would be surprised when he came back’.  My mom heart was bursting!  She is so kind and SO compassionate.  She was so excited to give the cats “teddy bears and toys so they wouldn’t be sad”.

I seriously don’t know how I got so lucky to have a daughter like her!  I cannot wait to see what else she comes up with.  I will gleefully be standing behind her in support!

A special thank you to everyone who made her feel so very big on her special day!  We received so many cards and gifts for the cats, and gift cards for the cats.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my little gal see how she can make big impacts!  We had a couple cards trickle in after our delivery day, I promise you every bit of it will get down there to those kitties and Hazel is very excited to make our trip number two for the stragglers!

Thanks you, thank you, thank you!!



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