Travel Trailer Update – 6 Weeks

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We are ‘On Schedule’ roughly… we were missing some parts so we tried to reach forward and swap some stuff around.  My brother was super helpful in volunteering to weld on our jacks, that is out of our wheelhouse and I am grateful to have family step in and cover some bases we can’t quite make it to ourselves!

What we did:

I still have the final seal to put on the counter top but cabinets are ‘done, for all intents and purposes, we will have a few adaptations on the way but we want to be able to test it to make sure we do them ‘right’.

What we WILL do:

The drain parts came in so that should have no issues getting done this weekend, and the door and hatches will be attempted!  Looking at it we might just be able to reach forward on some other stuff too… but then again, we are down a baby sitter this weekend so maybe not…

Lots of planning to work through for this weekends tasks, hopefully we can make it happen while also fitting in our taxes… ahhh life doesn’t just stop it turns out!  Wish us luck!

Some Pictures:

A couple other things…


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