Reassessing the ‘Schedule’

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Well, we looked hard at our schedule.  We have A LOT to get done!  Holy cow!  I felt like we were closer!  That’s what I get for not scheduling things before ‘crunch time’.

So What This Means:

We’ve got to bust our butt!  The one thing that IS happening is a farewell party.  We’re throwing it for ourselves (I’m not sure if that is allowed).  It’s going to be great to get a chance to see everyone before we take off!  I know if we don’t schedule it now we will find a way to put it off and skip it as crunch time happens.  So if you are local to the Boise area you are welcome to stop by and cheers us!

In the mean time we have some FUN stuff happening!

  • Hazel turns 3 very soon!
  • We need to move the tiny house (only five feet, but there is a big effort to do that even!)
  • I have been attending meetings with the state building code board about adopting the tiny house appendix.
  • I have two more eCourses to put out before we take off that I have been working hard on.  The first one is part five of the existing series (Tiny Houses 101 – Financials).  The second one is about ‘Sustainable Parenting’ and based on a few talks I have had the opportunity to give about ‘Growing Up Green’ where I get to collide my live of architecture and the environment with my love of being a mom.  It’s a bit of a pivot but I’m still excited to put it together!
  • And last, we ALMOST have this whole podcast thing re-figured out, James and I will have our first episode out before too long.

These are all pretty exciting things by themselves, added up with our big adventure on the horizon and I am jazzed!!

Serious buckle down time, the next 7 weeks are going to be wild!




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