Travel Trailer Update

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7 weeks to go!

We had a lot on our to-do list and we didn’t do a lot of them… Still, we got some done.

  • On Friday we had no (water) plumbing. Today we have all of the supply plumbing done.
  • I fixed the bunks to extend easier (I had messed it up in the past, finally fixed it)
  • Changed up the location of the tail lights.  They were horizontal but we wanted them vertical.
  • Built some storage nooks in the couch and kid’s bunks.
  • Worked on our dining table… still not a great solution there yet…
  • We moved it out into the sunshine to test the plumbing. It was SUPER easy and weighted well. I’m happy about that!

Our Budget:

I’ve updated our budget sheet.  We are at $3,307.95  total.  We have about $500 more to spend.  Including the insulation primarily and the vinyl decal for the driver side (picture included below).  Our original financial goal was $1.500 but it was to be a renovation, not a complete rebuild.  I feel like we are doing pretty good for being a total rebuild.  I will be happy to come in under $5,000.

It’s funny, as I watch some of these other rebuilds ad see the prices it makes me think that flipping vintage trailers could be a fun gig.  Some are in pretty good shape but there seems to be a lot of folks in want of a vintage trailer and people like them to be cool…. I like to make custom cool things!  By the looks of it we could probably sell this trailer for more than 10k… probably closer to 20k… which seems good.  I’m not sure we would be making much on our time really but if we did a second one it’s sure to go lots faster… 😉  It’s just a passing idea.

The route:

We’re getting into the planning now of our route (year+ long road trip). It’s tricky to find a route with places that 1) have Wi-Fi (so we can work) 2) allow kids 3) allow a dog. We’re doing the broad strokes right now, applying a rough timeline.  We will have weekly meetings to reassess and keep ‘on track’ as much as we want to.  This is what we have for our first leg so far:

Google Maps is great for collaborating, importing in a bunch of overlays that we can turn on and off.  James has Krav Maga places on a layer so he can keep taking his classes when we’re near a location that has them.  We’ll probably have a zoos & aquarium layer, kid friendly campsites, etc.  Our second leg would be something like this:


This is a BIG adventure for such a dinkie little Aloha!

The kids:

The kids are getting excited.  I think Hazel even understands to an extent what we are in for.  Miles will do ok, he is at a tricky stage and we will absolutely have to keep a close eye on him… he’s a rebel and he likes to run and hide.  Both traits aren’t great for being in new places.  He may just get a leash, as much as I hate to be that mom… I would hate more for something to happen to the little worm!

The dog:

Denver actually likes the trailer!  I have been worried about him but as it comes together I think he will be just fine!  Oddly, maybe, we are starting to get a fair bit of criticism for taking him along. Some people think that is unfair.  I think he will love it, there is a lot of adventure to be had for a dog in the world!  I think it would be a whole lot more unfair to give him to someone else while we go on the trip… he’s a member of our family and is far more important than this trip.  If he doesn’t do well we won’t force him through anything, we will postpone our trip.  Seriously, he’s family, we aren’t leaving him.  I can’t understand the critical views that think it’s better to leave him behind than take him with.

The parents:

James and I are running through the emotions.  This is big and daunting!  The impending chaos is ‘getting real’.  It’s slightly scary.  In reality, it’s out of our comfort zone.  But it’s still where we want to be.  I feel like we are both resorting to our comfort zones and trying to plan the fears away.  That’s the thing, there is so much we CAN’T plan… and even if we did… it wouldn’t matter.  Things are going to happen.  The best thing we can do is try to become comfortable with the unknown.  So we’re trying that.  It is much easier said than done though… Turns out ;-).



  1. I love the fact that you are including your dog. He will do better with you than in a kennel or with family. My service dog goes everywhere with me. Dogs usually travel well as long as you take their needs into the equation, which I am sure you are able to do. Have fun ❣

  2. I rarely comment on your posts, although I read all of them (and I’m super excited to live vicariously through you on this journey- it’s always been a dream of mine to travel across the country in a camper, but with four horses who are family, I’ll have to stick to short trips :P). I just wanted to say I think you’re absolutely doing the right thing taking Denver, and I can’t believe that some people are saying you shouldn’t- dogs acclimate much better to adventure with their family than they do to being left behind WITHOUT their family. I take my dogs on every trip I go on, and they’re much happier than when I leave them with friends (even overnight). You know Denver better than anyone and you know what’s best for him.

    1. Well thank you for coming out of your shell for me! 🙂 AND thank you for your very kind words!!

      I have had to leave Denny a few times with my folks, he loves them but he is usually miserable without us! We’re going to make sure he has just as much fun as all of us!

    1. That’s Ana White, shes in Alaska, shes a big voice for DIY, I love her! And I love that she took on a tiny house!

  3. had another thought pre-trip: i’m sure you’ll have med records for kids; hopefully pre-trip dr visits too for inocs etc. have you scheduled a vet visit for denver? you’ll need records for all in case of med emergency or dog bite (god forbid). wouldn’t hurt to have originals and a couple of sets of copies in various places for quick access. maybe too a portable playyard that folds accordian style for safety for kids and dog at layovers? just thinking out loud . . . 🙂

    1. Our kids both have their appointments scheduled before we go and we won’t need to bring either back for at least a year, so long as they stay healthy! AND if we need to we will just go where we are and our pediatrician will write the referral (already cleared that!). Denver has updated records that will come with us in case he needs to stay at a doggy daycare but we will avoid that, he really doesn’t like to be separated (we did it before and it was Sad… they sent us updated pictures and you could see how sad he was… its emergency only), he’s been to the vet fairly recently for his checkup. We have digital copies and our important documents that will be in a safe place in the car. I would really like to have a retractable fence that would be mounted to the camper and enclose the awning portion of the camper so that the dog and kids can go in and out as they please and it’s easy set-up and take down (a big one for me), I also don’t have to store them somewhere when not in use, it would just be perma mounted!

      I enjoy your thinking out loud because it helps me recheck my check list! Thank you!

  4. and a few more . . . coiled garden hose (slinky type) for emergency exterior hookup if radiator needs water or something; sail style exterior awning for shade if needed; folding dryer rack attached somewhere inside (laundry can dry while you’re on the road if necessary). do you have a tie-down system in case of high winds at your stops or are they provided by the campsites? i’m glad james has his pt sites marked; maybe there should be one for walmart too 🙂

    1. we are bringing a garden hose, the squishy kind. We will have an electric awning that will be push button operated for easy set up. we have a clothesline inside and out (under the awning or outside the awning). No tie downs but as far as I know that isn’t too common and we won’t be in one place more than a few days in most cases… if the weather is too windy we likely won’t stay long.

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