The Big Adventure of Tiny House: Will it Hit NYT Best Sellers List??

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HERE is a reading of the Big Adventures of Tiny House as read by the boisterous (meant in the most endearing way possible!) Andrew Odom.

Here is the deal guys. This book is awesome! (and I get nothing from saying that other than pure satisfaction!) The Author (Susan Schaefer Bernardo) and the illustrator (Courtenay Fletcher) have this wild idea to be the very first Indy published kids book to make the New York Times Best Sellers list. The way they can do that is to have as many pre-sales as possible. Those then get counted as first day sales. SO, if you have kids, or if you KNOW a kid you could get them this book and support so many other things:


1) Providing a special gift for a special occasion. (as a tiny house parent, books are one of the only ‘material goods’ I don’t mind my kids getting for bdays and holidays)

2) Helping indoctrinate the new generation with the normalcy of a smaller place, reclaiming old buildings, finding their tribe and trusting themselves. All good things and important parts of the book!

3) Help tiny houses break through another barrier and become the topic of the first indy published NYT Best Seller childrens book!

4) Support two amazing mothers with two amazing hearts whose story just warms my heart. These two will not pass by a child in need without trying to help! Seriously, they are amazing people who have done (and will continue to do amazing things!) They have heart centered books designed to help children, all three are amazing, this is my favorite.

5) You can see my dog and kids in there! Again, I get nothing from promoting this, in fact I am a paid backer (the reward bought was to get my dog/kids in there) to support this effort because it IS that amazing!


Other things you can do to help this effort without buying a thing is to ask your local library to get it (and any other tiny house books you’d like to see them carry). Libraries have a budget for requested books, and they openly take requests! Most have a space you could log into online but an in person visit is always great too!

For what it’s worth:

I read it a little bit differently than Andrew, and it may or may not include a tear at the end! It’s an amazing story for any kid to hear, preferably again and again! Maybe I should do my own reading soon… if I can muster up some bravery!

Other side note:

My kids both have their own copies of ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” I have everyone in our lives sign them a note for their birthday each year so they will have an ongoing record of the support through the years to get them to the finish line and into a happy adulthood (hopefully!).  It was inspired years ago from THIS.

The big adventures of Tiny House will be their new book.  They are young enough to start over! Courtney and Susan are literally taking over Dr. Seuss (at least in my book!). If anyone wants to copy this tradition I recommend this book, pre-order it HERE!

Seriously, this is the stuff I want my kids to pull out of our decision to ‘go tiny’, it’s OK to be you!


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