8 Week Countdown – Travel Trailer Update

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but its a good size

I put in an order for a few travel things, one of which is our potty!  This company (HERE) is the best priced I could find for what looks to be a good urine diverter for boys, girls AND potty trainers.  I hear that with a normal kids seat insert the people parts still line up well to separate the solids and the liquids.  So I got one!  Not only that, I splurged ;-).  I got a GLAMOROUS potty!  I told James how excited I was that they offer the inserts with glitter!  Rainbow glitter!  the conversation went like this:

James: “No.  If I have to sit to pee I’m not doing it in a rainbow glitter toilet.”

Then I stayed up far too late, ordered a bunch of stuff that has been waiting on our ‘to buy’ list.  AND a custom colored Rainbow Glitter potty.  First thing in the morning, still in bed I wake up and tell James I ordered a bunch of things… He must have heard the smile in my voice.  Before even opening his eyes he says “You ordered the sparkle toilet, didn’t you?”

He’s being a sport about it… and we’ve already got $30 of laughs out of it (it costs about $30 for the extra glamor!)

Actual Progress:

Other than that, this weekend we finished the couch cushions (though I may add some buttons to tighten them up a little and I want to do something about the curb appeal but that is another days issue.  The metal is picked up and moved inside the shop.  We got our order form Vintage Trailer Supply for the screws and butyl tape to put up the metal and some fancy hubcaps.  We also started in on the gas plumbing (dad and James).  The electrical is done done, we have all our circuits in and working.  We will add solar at some point but we don’t have to just yet.  We bought the wood for our countertops and such and started building the dining/work table.

The hardware we bought totally sucks.  two of the four hinges broke before they were even installed.  hey didn’t lock well and in general were pretty poor quality.  Bummed about that but we will work out another solution.

Who knows what next week will be! Something… but I am brain-fried right now and need to refocus my attention to our eviction stuff for a bit.  More on that soon, and more railer updates too!  Here are some photos:

Family Stuff:

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    1. I bought it from a local rv (and Tiny House) builder, Tiny Idahomes. The other option was Pacific Steel but Jessy at Tiny Idahomes gave me a better deal (I’m pretty sure he did it for cost which was discounted because hes a manufacturer…)

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