Travel Trailer Update – We Have Lights!

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The back portion will be solid and each bunk will have some storage on the back wall. I still need to add the fish tanks too.

Well, some…

James wired up the lights for the driving part of the trailer.  We still need to wire the living area.

While he worked on the outside I continued work on the inside and started building the bunk beds… They passed the Hazel test, she LOVES that she gets the top bunk.  They work absolutely beautifully.  They will be in the small phase for this trip, unless I get mad at James, then we can extend them out to be adult size and I can sleep all by myself!  😉  Also, I got to work on our stockings which will likely be the only Christmas decorations next year unless I get on my tree wall hanging… but I have a million ‘to-do’ items before we go.

Speaking of going, we have targeted April 19th as our take off date.  I have a speaking engagement April 18th so right after that we are off!

Here’s a quick tour and some pictures!  Followed by some family stuff.

Hazels version of the tour…

Some family stuff:



  1. Great to see it coming together, Macy.
    I guess I’m a little concerned with how strong the wall side of the book “drawer” will be extended, having had rambunctious boys. But I suppose when it comes to that, you could add another vertical for support. Not as collapsible then but…

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