What’s In It For You?

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I recently read a post that said “Marketing 101, nobody gives a shit about you. If you tell a story about yourself, it needs to relate to how it can help the person you’re telling it to. That old adage that people are tuned into “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me) is more true now than ever.”

It got me thinking.  My site has had more than my fair share of success and I probably don’t play to this idea as much as I could but that has never been what this site is about for me.  It’s just a documentation tool for me, my family and my friends on our crazy journey… I still don’t actually expect people to read it but am beyond flattered that they do!

Reading that made me wonder though…

If you like to frequent this site, why?  What’s in it for you? I am super curious to learn! 




  1. For me, the main interest is Tiny House living. I quite like your design and it was the basis of what I considered building. At a change point, it became clear there wasn’t anywhere to put it relative to the non-rural life I was living so I took a different approach. That brings interest in your efforts with the code.

    It surprises me you share family stuff in the same place rather than a personal site. But I know for some there is the question of where is the line drawn or that it’s all part of the same. Was amused by a bit of recent news that a girl was suing her parents for sharing too much online. Part of the dance of new tech.

    I do read the family stuff, mainly because I have grown kids and it brings memories. But I wouldn’t be here for that.

  2. I first visited your site because I liked the design of your house. At the time I was a mother of two that was interested in the Tiny House movement but curious as to how it could work for families. You actually didn’t have kids yet but I always thought your design was so cool because if you ever needed extra room for kids you could wall in your deck. And then you did. 🙂 It has been fun over the years to see how your design has changed and how the house has progressed. You always seem to come up with a solution to every need that comes up. You newest project is just really cool and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I am not handy at all but reading your blog is giving me confidence to try some things out. Good luck you you and your family!

  3. I’m not so much a fan of all the kids and family stuff, i look at it as filler..I like tiny information and how differently people approach problems & the solutions. I like seeing Denver —he keeps life any where “normal” living can be……,having two dogs of my own—no kids. i like information on any and all tiny related things–new products–smaller items doing the job of full size appliances etc.—— and i like Macy & have followed her before James and the kids..came on board.

  4. I first came because of your tales of building your own Tiny Home, but I also enjoy the stories of living in it. You have a friendly tone of voice in your writing that brings me back.
    I’m now also here to follow your efforts in making living in small spaces legal.

  5. I admire your and James’ Aproach. I got into the idea of Tiny Houses by my son as I approached retirement. I’m 75 and must admit that it seems less and less possible to do in NE where I will stay. So now, I read as one reads a good book. So what’s in it for me? Enjoyment of another’s dream realization.

  6. Part 1: I like the Mind gymnastics needed to cleverly use space. I imagine how I could solve your problems… Mind gymnastics 🙂
    Part 2: I stayed because I like your adventures. You have a non-average Life. I spent a lot of time lying down (fysical problems). By reading I don’t feel as dat away from adventures. Not so interesting from marketing Point of View I fear 🙂

    1. Mind gymnastics! I like that! 🙂
      I’m not interesting either from a marketing perspective, nor do I really care what is I’m afraid 🙂 I lie that you come back!

  7. I read a lot about tiny houses and the people living in them. Many seem…umm..romantic in their approach. They are attracted to the idea of a simple life, quickly build a tiny house and move in, purge 95% of their belongings, share the happines, and then after a year the tiny house is on sale.
    I like that you are pragmatic, plan ahead, have a clear idea of why you are doing this and what you want to achieve by it. You make it work, solve problems. And you are willing to be a political actvitist rather than just letting others work for the change you want to see.

    As another commenter wrote I am also surprised of how much personal information you share, but on the other hand that also makes you more relatable.

  8. I like your minimalist approach on life. The “American Dream” is so messed up. It should be more about “who” and less about “what”. Relationships are key and so much more substantial than what you drive and how much you spent on it. Truth is that the “Joneses” are broke, in debt and a slave to the machine!

    And your kids are totally adorable! ?

  9. I like your no-nonsense approach and that you’re not in it for primarily promoting products for sale (or endorsing others’). I can just get straightforward info. Enjoy reading about your adventures, appreciate your work in TH movement in general, and love the Udemy classes… which I still need to finish. Thanks for keeping up the blog! Love your house too.

  10. For me, I live in boise as well so that brought a kinship for me ? I am going through a divorce, and don’t want to be tied down by owning a typical house. Following you has made my THOW seem achievable. Now where to park it…..

  11. i love every bit of your posts! obviously i started following you for the tiny house.
    it was just you…..then your furry and human family grew. watching you adapt to all of it is inspiring.
    now the trailer project!!! can’t wait to see every update!
    thank you!!!

  12. I found MiniMotives through Ethan’s tiny house newsletter. I took the 4 classes and learned a lot of useful things from them – more than from other tiny house people who post blogs and newsletters. Now I frequently “haunt” your site, and I love reading about your darling children. I have 6 grandchildren, and I’m a pushover for little kids.

  13. I like the original, “hey look what I did”…. Then I was hooked and followed your tiny house to see redecorations and changes, remodeling and additions. How you used the space you had. I personally like it all.

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