Figuring Out the Furniture – Extendable Bunk Beds

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After working on the couch I went right to drawing up the bunk bed.  Right now my kiddos are 2.5 and 14 months, they are in small mattresses.  For the purpose of this trip the small size helps because it gives us more open square footage during the days (and nights, because Denver will be napping on the floor… finally acting like a dog!  He’s not excited!) BUT I would like the beds to be able to grow with them.  And heck, there may just be nights I want a bunk to myself! Mwahahaha! (a girl can dream, right?!) Anyway, I want them to extend out to fit a full sized adult too.  So, this is what I have come up with.

In short they will have 2 (each) heavy duty industrial drawer pulls that will allow them to extend from 55″ to 75″.  Not only that, they will each incorporate a small fish tank… because that seems logical, right?!  Who doesn’t go on a cross country trip with their new fish (Sapphire and Ruby).  Really, like everything else they will do double duty, they will be fish by day and night lights for the kiddos at night! This is a rough draft but I think I will try to build this this weekend… wish me luck! ha!

Also, I had the ambiguous deadline of ‘April-ish’ to take off on this adventure… I wanted to be in town for Hazel’s 3rd birthday BUT I just signed up to do a little talk about ‘Growing Up Green’ and parenting sustainably on April 18th, to the baby and me group I went to with Hazel and Miles… how could I not say yes to such a great opportunity!  I adore that I had the opportunity to attend that with my kiddos, I would love to babble on with new moms about how great they are!  And because I am an opportunist I was thinking about doing something a bit more ‘technical’ than necessary and putting together a video series of ‘Growing Up Green’.  I think ideally I would add this to my list of online eCourses if that seems to be something worth while?  I seem to have grown a lot of opinions about parenting in my short career here and I seem to have a different mindset then ‘typical’… But I also have the strong urge to tell other to-be parents that it’s ok to be different and maybe even in everyone’s’ best interest!  Maybe crazy… even if I don’t follow through it’s an honor to be asked back!  I’m excited! 🙂


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  1. Wow, Macy, I’m impressed you’ve been able to accomplish so much with kidlets.
    Love the bunk design. If you get a split mattress later, you’ll be able flip the end up and roll it out of the way too. In a space that size, a couple of feet would be great during the day.

    Cool idea for the fish but you may want to ask around about that. Some are pretty flexible but some might be majorly stressed by all the movement. Water carries vibration as sound. Rubber dampening?

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