Furniture Building – Couch/Bed

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Half of the mattress fits down behind the couch in the slot, when it is in bed form it leaves a gap, I made a flip down cover that will flip down over that space

This weekend my job was to build the couch, James was going to wire the trailer.  I got my part done!  James ordered the pieces he thinks he needs and watched the turkeys.  We’ve updated our budget which is way up to $2,376.43 – Total.  I’m feeling pretty hopeless about meeting our goal and not spending more than $3,000 but it’s nice to not have that be the biggest priority on this.  It has to function more than it has to be cheap.  We have decided not to use the appliances so I might be able to sell them and make up some ground.

The couch needs to easily convert to a bed and back again so I have designed this little space.  We just pull the front part out, 24″.  The back of the couch is the other portion of the bed.  Once it’s pulled out we just flop that down.  the hatch closes behind it and then to tuck it back we flip the hatch, slide the 30″ wide portion of mattress down the back and push the front back.  We got a full sized mattress that I will cut down the middle (24″ on one side 30″ on the other).  the smaller side is the seat, the larger side is the back.

We realized that we have a little over 4 months left to finish everything and that we have been working for a little over 6 months so far… so it’s time to get cooking!  So far that has been a lot of demo and a lot of planning and we have still managed to build a bit.   I’ll be coming up with a schedule soon to keep us on track to finish up everything and Hopefully still have time to do some of the ‘fun things’ like our rock guard and lending library.

Up next, I need to figure out the kids’ beds.  Oh, and we recorded the first episode of our podcast!  I just need to upload it now!  Here are some pics of the couch followed by a family update!

Some family stuff:


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