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There was this one time I did a podcast with Ryan MItchell,  It was super fun, a huge learning curve but I really enjoyed the process.  I stopped when I had Miles because it was just too hard to schedule a time to get together to do it. I missed podcasting so much that though that we’re (myself and James this time) starting a new one… Minimalism, travels, road schooling, parenting, vintage campers, tiny houses, boondocking, working online, etc … Far too many topics to be ‘successful’ but THAT isn’t the point with this project, like this blog it’s going to be a documentation of our weird little life!   

It’s called ‘Learning The Long Way’, it should be a lot easier to schedule a time to record given we live together, especially once we set off on our US tour, it will give us something to do while driving. More importantly it will document our trip for us and any family/friends who want to follow along. I’m excited to do a big project like this with James.

I’ve been getting everything set up for the background, we’re hoping to record the first episode this weekend then we will have a regular release!


Stay tuned, more soon!

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I am an artist, a steward, a minimalist at heart... I love being out in the sunshine... I love animals of nearly every kind, at least the furry ones, I am trying to be a gardener... I believe people are good at the core but are also capable of very bad things when they aren't intentional about their actions... I love my family, my passions and my life... I am just me :)


  1. I’m so excited about this, Macy! Everyone does everything by video nowadays. For those of us who live with Satellite Internet Service and have a very small amount of bandwidth per month, video’s are impossible! That’s why we love podcasts. I can’t wait for you and James to start – I will be a loyal follower :). I always look forward to your blog – everything from the little house build to the trailer build and of course, the family photos. You do a great job, Macy. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. HI Macy,

    I recently started exploring the option of building a tiny house and have listened to all of yours and Ryan’s podcasts. I was a little sad to see them come to an end! I would love to listen to some more if you have the initiative to start them again! They are extremely helpful when planning to build!

    1. Glad to hear it! I really want to, we need to just make it happen, we are currently paying for the services to do it but with the looming deadline to get the camper built it seems to suck up our time!! We WILL do it. James and I both want to! thanks for the encouragement to kick it in to gear! 🙂

    1. we have several recorded but I need to re-figure out how to post them… it’s been a while. My work days have been taken up with the Idaho State Code Board trying to get the appendix adopted BUT I JUST (today) officially submitted my side of that paperwork… so I should have some time soon to work through ittttt! It is not forgotten and will become a bigger priority soon!

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