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This was the same part of my tiny house build that felt slower than it should be!  Once you get it all framed up and looking right it seems like it’s all downhill… we get in the habit of working one day (or at least part of one) every weekend.  It felt like we were getting a lot done.  Until now.  Last weekend we filled all the little staple holes.  Yesterday I sanded.  Today we got the first coat of paint down, we will need one more.  I feel like all of those things should have been able to be done in one day… I was off.  Mostly things take less time than I expect, painting NEVER does.  When will I learn!

Some people swear they will never ‘do’ white for whatever reason (hard to keep clean, too steril, lacks personality… I’ve heard a lot).  I’m one of those people who love it!  I love light clean walls that make the space feel bigger and brighter!  I love being able to clean things up and know they are clean.  Mostly I like the house to be a container for our lives, it holds what is important to us and allows those important things to take center stage.  I think white walls are like a museum and they hang out in the background and allow anything we bring into the home to take center stage.  Clean, neutral, natural materials are always my preference when designing… this is no different.  James wanted to try to white wash but there were too many imperfections that paint hides really well 🙂

Next weekend… maybe a couch?? Who knows!

Here is our progress:



  1. I also like white – especially for small spaces. I’ve done fancier with larger rooms though.
    I was amazed when i repainted an off-white place white – it brightened and expanded beautifully. And if you use good paint, it cleans up easily.

    Washes can be nice for feature walls, but not for a whole space – again esp small.

  2. I like a clean, shiny white for the same reasons. I decided to use color in the lower parts of my own space, but I won’t be surprised if I look around one day and hate it…that doesn’t happen with white.

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