Figuring Out the Furniture – Kitchen

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So when we went to remodel and ended up rebuilding the camper we said ‘at least we have appliances to use, we totally didn’t pay too much… we’ll break even…’  Well, we decided we won’t even be reusing the fixtures… The original cooler is being replaced with a propane electric fridge I have left over from my tiny house build.  The stove seems excessive when we could pretty much get away with a cook top and a dutch oven just as easy, and the sink seems a little larger than necessary AND it’s cast iron, we couls save a few pounds with a simple stainless mizing bowl turned sink AND that space behind the sink then can be valuable storage for our dishes.  So, we spent too much for a used trailer…

It’s not all a loss though, we DO get to use the windows, the trailer and we learned an awful lot taking it all apart.

The kitchen:

I have a 60″x24″ area to work with.  In that area I need a functional kitchen with storage for a family or four AND a great dane to use full time on a trip across the country… It’s got to work when tied to a water source but also needs to hold about 10 gallons of water for when we aren’t hooked up… simple… 🙂  Oh, ALSO, we are trying not to run electrical in the walls and it will serve as our main charging hub for all of our electronics and switches for our camper.

AND it has to be pretty.

So this is what I came up with!


We are thinking plain and simple white cabinets, they have to be custom because they fit over one of the wheel wells.  The fridge unit will be placed as low as the wheel well will allow (about 10″ above the floor).  the water pump will be stored under that and accessible from the outside panel.  Above the fridge will be a pull out cutting board/work space.  Above that will be storage for (4) three gallon water bottles.  This will be gravity fed into the sink while off grid and drained outside into a bucket system.  Above the water battles will be divided into two compartments, one for the on demand water heater which will vent to the exterior and be accessible for the indoor shower OR be able to be an outdoor shower.


Above would be storage and switches (I show the three switches – Bathroom, kitchen, living area – on the front face of the cabinet but I think we will try to mount them under so that the front can stay clean and crisp looking visually).  The right side would be a flip down charging station and could even act as a standing desk out of reach from little fingers (James and I both work mostly from a simple laptop).  On the counter will be a two burner cook top a small sink and a storage unit (yet to be designed) to keep our dishes secure and accessible.  the edge of the counter will flip up to enable more usable work space.  Under the counter will be storage for towels and food as needed.  I feel like this is STILL more usable than most of the places I’ve rented.


Just a different angle


The full length wall will be where the shower head is to the shower.  Next up, the bathroom and the bed area… also, I need to put together some game plans to present to the City of Boise for my eviction issue

Hope you’re all well!


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