Starting the Inside – TT Update

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Laundry fun!

Well James worked last weekend but wasn’t up to it this weekend.  But I was!  I started building the kitchen.    We are using the existing sink and stove… though I am thinking about just doing a cooktop and using the space under it for storage… I could probably get away without an oven for a year… or I could get brushed up on using a dutch oven! We’re thinking that over.  We will have a fridge in the tall space toward the back, below it will be a water pump, above it will be our water heater and water storage.  The opening behind it all is to vent those items to the exterior, we will have to build a custom vented door there.  Standing there with some actual geometry I am convinced it will work out just great! I can’t wait to get more done, I love watching it take form!

Family type updates, We had a playdate with some other Danes yesterday, it was much needed for Denver, he has missed his buddies and made a new friend!  They need big friends to really let loose, they sound vicious but were having the time of their lives!

The kiddos just got their flu shots, they aren’t happy campers but they are ready for the winter.  I can’t believe I haven’t decorated for any holidays yet, I missed Halloween because life was so busy with the traveling and the eviction stuff.  Since we got a 90 day extension to figure out a solution that means we will be in the tiny house at least one more Christmas which means its ok for me to get to decorating!  Exciting!  Here are some pictures of our adventures in no particular order!


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