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We’re going to be in a book!  So what we paid for it! You can too!  ha!

This is an awesome children’s book written by Susan Schaefer Bernardo and illustrated by Courtnay Fletcher.  I heard the reading in Colorado Springs at the Jamboree (which by the way was just announced to be back in 2017!)

It is a cute and powerful kids story, I liken it to Dr. Seuss’s ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’… it’s not really the same but it has such a positive, realistic and fun message that is empowering!   Every kid should have it read to them at least once!

SO, it is an indie production meaning that it has to be funded before it becomes real.  The good news is it is already funded!  I just want to mention it still in case you have any kiddos in your life that would benefit, you can still pre-order it which will allow them to order more books to donate to kids in need.  It’s a great book, by great people doing great things!

I put $650 into it myself to get Denver in it as a character!  (it’s also a Xmas gift for the kids… ). I think I annoyed my way into Courtnay and Susan’s good side because they said they will put D’s sidekicks, Miles and Hazel in there too :).  So I bought them a great memory and I hope they will read it to their own kids one day and point out where they are!

We are so glad to get to contribute to this and become a part of it!  I seriously just love it!

If you want in too there are some great incentive still left.  Or if you were interested there is time to pre-order still!  6 days left! Or just put it on your radar to check out at your local library!  It’s wonderful!

Pre-Order Here.

“He could be a home anywhere, because home wasn’t a place.
Home was a feeling, a smile on your face.
It was friendship and singing and a full happy heart.
It was sharing good meals, and where you hung up your art.
Whether you anchored in place, or decided to roam,
What called to your heart could still be called home.”

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