Camper is looking Camper-y

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We have been working, it feels slow but people keep telling us we are making quick progress… so that’s good…  We have plenty of work to do still, including doing all the framing on the exterior.  We are putting it back together the exact same way we took it apart.

We have a roof!  The exterior will be aluminum again, new stuff though.  The interior finish is this 1/8″ mahogany plywood.  We are debating between white washing it or just painting it white… I think it’s not quite pretty enough to white wash… but maybe….

It was a PITA to get this stuff up but we are happy to have that hurdle past us!  Getting closer to the fun stuff every day!  Here are some project photos, followed by family stuff:

This has to be just a quick update so I am not being as detailed as usual, I have a few time sensitive things in the works right now including an APA (American Planning Association) presentation later this week, and the BIG Kansas City ICC hearing coming up in two weeks (sign your support HERE!).  Something is better than nothing though… or at least thats my motto….

In between the birthdays (James, Me, Miles) I have worked on Hazels mural more, and gotten a game plan for Miles’s.



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