We’ve Got Curves! Travel Trailer Update

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Just a quick camper update.  The walls are framed, the big project was getting the curves bent.  We soaked the wood for a couple hours because we didn’t have access to a steamer and didn’t want to build one so we tried this.  It worked pretty well, we bent and clamped all the pieces.  They got bent, dried and they keep their shape so I call it a success.  We still have to fasten them into place, we’re going to glue and staple them together.

We also got the two kids’ bubble windows (PetPeeks) ordered.  I looked at getting some other acrylic bubble window sort of things but they all were so much thinner and a lot of comments said they cracked on install and I don’t want to have that issue if I can avoid it.  The PetPeek window is something like 5 times the thickness.  I feel pretty comfy with how they look now that I can hold them in my hand.  Hazel and Miles like them too!

That’s all I have for now!  Here are some pictures:

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