It’s My Birthday!

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birthdaysI have a request!  I would LOVE if tiny houses were accessible to all, and for you to help with that!  Can you read this.  It’s VERY important.  I’ll wait…

For real, read it…

This is potentially HUGE.  Things don’t happen like this normally (codes move MUCH slower on their natural course), I really feel like this is fate presenting an opportunity and we need to act, all of us, together!  This is not just one of those cool, unique parts of the country that is working toward changing their zoning to allow tiny homes, this is a potential NATIONAL BUILDING CODE CHANGE, helping tremendously, to make tiny houses LEGAL, nationally!


First, can I just say how incredibly lucky we are to have an experienced builder like Andrew (and Gabriella!) in the tiny house community.  When I grow up I want to be them.  Both of them.  They work their tails off to help enable others to take this path, while being level headed, accessible and maintaining safe practices the whole way, and they make it seem like they enjoy it too!  I can probably never say it enough but, Thank You.

Second, we need key members to show up and talk on this at the hearing in October.  Each voice gets a VERY limited time slot, more speakers is more time to educate/persuade the panel.  The members need to be well rehearsed and need to represent all the reasons WHY we need these ICC code changes added.  In this case (personal opinion) credentials carry weight and the right people need to be there.  In order to make these voices available we need to rally together and get them to the ICC hearing, which is in Kansas City, fast approaching in October.

***Here is the action item***

There has been a GoFundMe account set up to pay for flights of these people as well as pay the mentor who has helped Andrew to get this far with the code language (so far he has footed the bill for his very valuable expertise, he has taken it far enough on his own though, we all need to chip in).

I think it would be amazing to have the tiny house community be able to self fund the ‘validation’ of tiny houses in the world of building guidelines, making tiny houses a real possibility for FAR more people than they currently are!  Contributing, even a couple of bucks, to this GFM will got a LONG way in doing just that!  GFMs are hard for some, here is a quick little video by Andrew himself to put some better context to it.

So… if you ever felt like giving internet strangers [me] birthday gifts, feel free to instead send a few bucks over to this GFM Campaign! and be a part of legalizing tiny houses for so many people!

PS – I am REALLY far behind on my emails and comments, if this effects you, I’m sorry, bear with me, it’s been crazy busy (all good things, my bro got married, I have a new sister and niece and a lot of family in town).  I’ll get my act together before too long… though it is my birthday… so not just yet… this is the first one in years that I am not injured or pregnant so I am going to enjoy it mostly away from the computer!! 😉 




  1. This really is HUGE!
    Great to finally meet you at the Jam, Macy!
    I had an absolutely fantastic weekend (until Monday morning, when I broke my hip while disassembling my tent. :D).
    I will NOT allow this to derail my plans of having my own Tiny. ♥
    Wendy Anne Darling

    1. Oh my gosh, are you serious! That’s awful! Did you have help around to get you the care you needed!? Thats about my worst nightmare, getting hurt while visiting somewhere! and a tent! oye! I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope you’re doing ok by now and healing up!

  2. Wonderful news, Macy. While I’m Canadian, US zoning can have a big impact across the border as we can point to the example.

    Its also very good news they want the issue addressed – it’s almost an invitation.

  3. Happy, happy birthday, Macy ?✨? I hope this will be an amazing day for you filled with laughter and fun and that you’ll be surrounded by all the people you love.
    And because I can’t put it into words any better than you have, I hope you don’t mind if I share this “plea” in my Facebook group.

    Have an awesome day and make the most of it. ???
    Cheers and a big birthday (awkward) hug ?

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