Travel Trailer & Family Update May 2016

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We haven’t done much of anything on the camper, it’s been a pretty busy couple weeks, I did finish building the fire pit, we officially crossed the deck project off our list so we can move onto the camper guilt free BUT the weekends have been packed.  I have been running out during nap times and working a little on it a few days a week but not usually more than 20 minutes at a time so it’s going SLOW!

I have been getting some good ideas for the exterior and I have been collecting things as I go too.  Last time I mentioned that I got a killer deal (70% off) all the fabric for the inside… well I was thinking it over and kicking myself for not picking up SOMETHING to do an awning with.  They had some great indoor outdoor fabric, UV protected and would have been perfect.  Well, I went back, got perfectly matching fabric in yellow and grey chevron pattern, enough to make a 9’x10 awning for $16 bucks.  $16 bucks!! 90% off is what they gave it to me for.  I made yet another, third, trip to get something to make the kids’s mattress covers, I found a great textured and lined material that went very well with the colors for a great deal as well!  I am just so leased to get all that for so darn cheap, that is a good portion of our budget right there!  The other stuff will add up but fabric is expensive!

Here are some pictures of our limited progress though (more below):

This weekend, the plan is to get the demo done and get an idea of how much rebuilding we’ll be doing on the structure.  I’d love to rent a sandblaster or even a pressure washer and see about getting the rest of the paint off too, we will see what we can do.  We will also be taking Hazel and Miles to a Sesame Street Live performance, which Hazel is pretty stoked about! (Elmo is her favorite)

Family Stuff

Here down is family update style (which I think will be fun to go back through later… so I document, you’re not going to offend me if you aren’t into it 😉 ) are a couple funny videos of the kids followed by pictures of things:



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