Buyer Beware!

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Hi guys, I have been on hiatus of late but I have seen SEVERAL things fly through my email, come through my Facebook Group and generally circulate the tiny house community.  Please beware what you take part in is actually legit (read the fine print).  The Tiny House community has been struck by scammers and is a pretty big target currently with all of the recent attention and publicity.  I get SO proud of what humble and kind individuals get engaged and how far we go to help one and other but please be smart about how you contribute, that humble and generous spirit makes for one big target!

Please always be a little aware of Gofundme accounts, they are great and have a place but they are easy money for scammers, only contribute to trusted sources.  There are some contests and raffles going around which may or may not have done their due diligence.  I myself have looked into raffling my house when I am ready to move on, there are an awful lot of rules to hold a raffle and anything crossing state lines has even more foot work to do, read the small print, make sure they have done their due diligence or you may just be throwing your money at something that you’re not even eligible for!

Any time money is being exchanged just think twice and if you have a gut feel, listen to it!   I really don’t think most of these questionable things coming to light are intentionally malicious, I think there is a lot of demand and folks are trying to fill holes in the market.  Or just trying the best they can to do something good.  Good intentions don’t always make for legal things.  I don’t mean to be vague, I just mean to remind you to do your own research.  This tiny house world used to be a small quaint area, now, if you’re using outside sources, make sure you’re really going to get what you pay for! Hope you’re all doing great! (Be back very soon!)




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