The First Step!

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Those first steps are always the biggest!  We made the first step toward our container house this weekend!


The trees are cleared!  As much as we hated those trees I admit it was a bit sad watching them go.  They were dinkie little twigs when James bought the property but they seem to grow at least ten feet a year so in the 10ish years he’s owned the plot they got HUGE!  There were three elm trees that always gave us the gift of elm bugs all spring/summer long.  I hate those little suckers, they are harmless but GROSS!  There would literally be hundreds hanging out above the doorway, anytime you open the door they fall down on you.  Anyway, I am hoping with those three big ones (and the ones we removed earlier from the alley) that we will have a much smaller elm bug problem this summer.  In addition to those three trees there was a great big diseased pine tree on the front of the lot that killed anything below.  It’s gone!

James took a cool time lapse of it.  It was kind of a spur of the moment thing (how’s that for an impulse purchase?!) so the battery wasn’t charged… eventually it ran out but I have final pics too.  The situation was that the neighbor hired this company to come cut down his trees.  Since they were there and we eventually wanted ours chopped James asked them for a quote.  They said they would get back to us.  We had a previous quote that was just for the pine tree at $800.  For whatever reason they weren’t able to cut the neighbors trees down but since they had five guys out there, the boom truck and a chipper/truck for chipping there they said they would make us a good deal just so they got something for the day.  They said they would take the three elm trees down for $300 each ($900).  We said will you take the three elms and the pine for $1,000?  They said sure.  They took a solid 3 hours, Hazel, James had cool entertainment.  Hopefully it was a win, win. We felt like we got a better deal so ended up giving them $1,200 which they were thankful for.  It definitely would have been LOTS more had we hired them directly, it pays to be opportunistic I suppose!  🙂  Here are some pictures of the new tiny house yard/future Container house lot.  (there are more pictures below)

So… as the beginning images eludes… we don’t have a solid design for the house, we are still a ways out from building.  I have one more eCourse to get out and then I will get more focused but it was tough not to start day dreaming a bit before.  Here are a few sketches of our plans, you’ll notice I am not that fancy about planning, James will get a lot more fancy soon, it’s more his thing :).  These sketches are already WAY more than I had before I started in on my tiny. (more family pics below this one…)

Lastly, here is a little family update with some photos and our new sticker chart (which is helping tremendously with Ms. Hazel being too bossy with Denver, she gets a sticker every day so long as she is nice and caring with Denver, makes him feel much better too!):

If you want to catch little snipits as I research our teardrop camper and this container house make sure you follow the Facebook page, I’ll be sharing some cool ideas there that probably won’t make it directly to the blog!


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