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You may have noticed I’m not a great writer, you’ve probably noticed several spelling and grammatical errors throughout my site (I keep saying I’m going to start proof reading… then I don’t!), I am sporadic at best with my posts.  Yet I call myself a blogger, none of those are traits of ‘real’ bloggers so why am I still here, over five years later, ‘blogging’ sporadically?blog-wordle

It’s not the creative outlet: I don’t particularly like writing, I mostly do it late at night after the kiddos are in bed in lieu of precious sleep! What I do LOVE is helping people, it invigorates me!  I have always been one to go the extra mile and this blog has given me an unexpected platform to help others find their way down this confusing and convoluted path to a tiny house!  If you have questions lay them on me, if I don’t know an answer already I am very happy to research for/with you or point you in the right direction! 

It’s not the money:  I do make money from blogging, not a lot but since I live pretty frugally it has been enough.  I certainly made better money while working in architecture but this job is way more fun, mostly because I can do it in my free time (read: when I can’t sleep) while staying home with my kiddos!

I’m not really self centered.  In fact it is tough for me to talk about myself to others.  I know my life, I know what it’s really like to live tiny, I know the struggles and the strengths… What I had a hard time with was trying to guess those things and decide if I cold really live tiny, I went forward anyway.  I blog to help others understand the things I wish I could have researched before diving in!   I try not to write unless I have something worthwhile to say, even if sometimes that is just a family update to let my aunts and uncles know what is going on in our weird little life ;-).

The truth is, this blog is serving two purposes.  First, it’s a log of my family, for my family.  Second, it’s for you people out there who what to know more about tiny houses!  It’s all out on the table, I freely give my professional advise, my personal experiences, whatever is helpful!  I want to inspire you to embrace your tiny house dreams and help empower you to accomplish them!  It would be pretty cool knowing people were meeting their goals and leading their best life!

Here is my laundry list of my helpful tools if you don’t know of them yet:

  • Tiny House People – This is a facebook group I started to help others connect with their people!  There are thousands of us, all at different phases, all willing to help one and other figure this whole thing out.  It’s a great place to see how others are doing and to get inspired!
  • I put together eCourses that are a total brain dump of just about every question I have been asked and all of the design considerations I went through to design and build my house, plus other tidbits I now think are important to be considered after living tiny. It’s pretty technical but concise and understandable too.  It’s a workshop that you can attend in your underwear but unlike a workshop, you can go back to the info as much as you want, whenever you want.  They are a bit more affordable than a workshop too. The courses are not dependent on each other, you can just get the ones that are useful for you or get them in the bundle for a little better price.  If cost is an issue just let me know, I would hate that to be a barrier for learning! 
  • I have a bunch of free worksheets and tools that go with those courses HERE.  They are helpful with or without the courses.
  • PlanningTiny.com is another website I run that has been neglected lately (turns out new babies are time consuming ;-)), it’s designed to be more technical and informative than this site which is more personal blog-ish.
  • At any point you can shoot me an email at mizacy (@) gmail.com. I am not always as prompt as I’d like (I spend a lot of time getting back to those in the FB group and in the discussion boards of the eCourses) but I pride myself on getting back to every email I get!

The short version of this post is to say I am here for you!  I want to help you succeed at this tiny house thing!  I’m your biggest cheerleader!  Ra Ra Ra, GO, GO, GO!  Thanks for hanging in there, you can do this.  You’re doing a great job!

I would love to know your biggest obstacle and how you’re planning on overcoming it in the comments! 



  1. Great post Macy and although I am a long way off in terms of TinyHouse and timezone. Your thoughts match a lot of mine to the reasons why to blog. I have just started and it is a bit of a brain dump at the moment but I am really doing it as a family journal really rather than a self promotional scree. Keep at it! 🙂

  2. You have helped me a few times regarding my tiny house and blog and I greatly appreciate it! You and your family are inspirational. Keep up the good work. As far as obstacles, do you have any experience with moisture/mold in your tiny house? With it being winter, we have lots of moisture build up lately. I heard that you can put Borax on your window seals to kill any mold that would grow and other than keeping windows open, do you have any other ideas for an off-grid house?

  3. I have been a victim of Domestic Violence for over 20 years. He is in prison for the 11th time for assaulting me. I’ve got to move out of my home I’ve lived in for 33 years, to build a Tiny House on wheels. In his judgement, he was to serve a MANDATORY of 2 1/2 years before he could even be considered for parole. His counselor ids wanting to release him after only 8 months! He’s a diagnosed a Sociopath and I’m sure she has fallen under his skill at hiding who he is. I’m working with the Domestic Violence people here in hopes to stave off his release. I need TIME to get away! A DMPD office once told me, in front of his family members, that I needed to buy a gun and shoot him, because he was going to kill me. That is how grave my situation is. I’m hoping you have resources that will help me see my escape plan through faster. I’m running out of time and still have to sell this place before I can buy anything. I’m 60 years old. His abuse and addictions to meth and alcohol are killing me, even if he never punched or kicked or beat me with a shovel or pout another gun to my head. I’ve no hope if I don’t escape.

    1. I am sorry to hear all of this Christine, I am going to say that tiny houses may not be the best situation, they tend to be sparse and so high profile, even when not intended. It’s also not that quick of a process to build/get one. It sounds like you need to be flexible and able to leave if needed… I’m not sure that would be gained from a tiny house.

  4. I think you’ll get a kick out of my situation. I’m negotiating with my ex for a corner of his 6 ac lot to park a tiny house (your plans) off grid. The township is freaked by the prospect of some d….bag complaining. It might fly as hardship or caretaker housing.

    You are courageous, smart, entertaining, and VERY helpful. I get my enthusiasm for joininlng the tiny house “tribe” mainly from all your writings. MUCHOS GRACIAS !

    1. You rock! and Thank you! That actually sounds pretty interesting, so long as you like your ex enough to be within 6 acres! 🙂

  5. I like following your blog because it offers a personalized lifestyle type approach to people looking to go tiny. Many of the other blogs I look at are all technical (which is understandable, but I like really seeing how a person lives tiny).

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