Tiny House People Recap

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Many of you know already about my Facebook group, Tiny House People, if you don’t get over there and join!   This month I started a newsletter for the group because it got so big and is so active sometimes people need to shut off notifications and miss good stuff.  I am sending one email a month (no more, I promise) with the highlight posts, builder call-outs and miscellaneous other stuff like helpful files and special deals for group members.


If you’d like to sign up for the monthly newsletter do it HERE (I won’t be posting them all here :).

Because this is the first one though, here is was this month’s recap looked like:

Decembers Tiny House People – Top Posts

Picked by me because of the conversations they generated, I consider them the ‘highlights’.

Builder call-outs

We have so many great builders in group, sometimes we all need a little extra words of encouragement.  For me those comments on my blog made all the difference in the world in those rough patches of the build!  My hope with this section is that when you have a moment to spare you can check out these builders and leave a comment on their blogs or send some thoughts of encouragement!  This month I want to draw your attention to:Builder Callouts!

Just starting:

In the middle:

  • I’ll admit, Robert and Samantha (website) are behind one of my very favorite builds currently going, SHEDsistance (facebook).  They are both total sweeties, Robert is an architect, Samantha a pediatric nurse, they are one big adventure story, wrapped in a love story, fitting in a tiny house with sleek design and fancy details.  I always love their updates and time-laps videos (that is just one of many), their build is WELL worth checking out!  Robert is a talented designer very willing to share his nitty gritty details, so there is lots to learn (check out their wall assembly for something completely different!) and lots of encouraging things to say!

Full Time Living:

  • Korie and Alex (website) and their Tiny House in the Big Yard (Facebook) strike my fancy because they are living tiny with their adorable munchkin, Abel, who is just a tad younger than my Miles. I love looking to them to see their own baby solutions for tiny living (LOVE the adorable pictures!).  I also love that they cut out a lot of the building stuff and bought their tiny home, pre-made, it’s a cool perspective to follow along with fixing issues on a house you didn’t make yourself.

I also gave away a seat in all of my eCourses to a group member, if you’d like to join I have a special for a couple more days.  When you use the code ‘Happy2016’ you can join for $9.00.

Codes and Foundations – http://bit.ly/1kqOA6g

Construction – http://bit.ly/1kqOBap

Systems and utilities – http://bit.ly/1Jeh1jM

Custom Design – http://bit.ly/1MFxDvq

Again, if you are interested in this monthly group recap sign up HERE.



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