Family Update November 2015

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Our little monkeys are doing great!  Just a quick update…

Miles is growing like a weed, he put on 4.5 pounds in his first month (that’s a lot!).  He’s rocking the double chin and loves tummy time.  He’s about as different from his sister right now as two kids can be.  He gets over stimulated easily by bright lights and loud noises (like his mom and dad).  He gets cold much easier than his sister ever did.  He’s very calm and chill most of the time, he rarely cries at all!  I think he is actually a better sleeper than Hazel was and she has been a ‘sleep through the night’ girl from the day we brought her home.  My biggest worry is that he is too calm and too quiet.  Yeah, I made it this far through two kids without any awful horror stories, I am the mom others want to slap.  I make no apologies but I count my lucky stars! 🙂  I still think he looks more like my side of the family but certain features (nose and lips) are definitely from his dad.  He is adored by all. 🙂

Miss independent, I mean Hazel is a star at ‘school’.  She still does daycare, half days four days a week.  We started at twice a week but once Miles was born bumped it up to four because she LOVES is and it was barely any more, cost-wise.  AND it means I get that much more one on one time with Mister (Miles’s nickname).   We both (James and I) feel a little guilty that Hazel got so much one on one and Miles is forced to share, so the half days is a good compromise and Hazel comes back ready to show us everything she’s learned.   She knows a ton of sign language which we’ve never taught her.  She knows a bunch of kiddo songs, LOVES Five Little Monkeys and is the best dancer in class! 🙂  She tries every word we say out now and is starting to use sentences, short ones like ‘shoe help please’.  She said thank you to our waitress, all by herself when she brought out our food.  Proud moment!  She absolutely loves her brother even if she has to share attention… she seems to be very understanding when I can’t snuggle her because I have to feed Miles… hopefully that continues.

Denver dog is loving our new couch, that seems to be the highlight of his world these days :).  He hangs out with James during the day since James is mostly working from home,it makes it easier on me so there is no growling and waking up the babies with his dream barks and when the mailman comes by…

Pretty much we are all hunkering down for the winter and getting ready to put up the Christmas tree… oh, and Thanksgiving :).  We did recently build a bigger couch for the tiny house, it’s not as pretty as the other but it’s comfy, I can throw some pillows on it and snuggle up with the kiddos.  It’s a good move for winter! $65 well worth it so far!  And Denver likes it, he can spread out better :). I hope you all have the happiest of holidays!



  1. Love all your pics Macy. It is such fun to read your tiny house adventures and see how well your tiny house works for your family. I always look forward to hearing more. Thanks

  2. Macy, you are a true inspiration! You have the richest family in the world, they are just so precious. Your children are growing up with good values, great parents, and a fantastic life filled with love. Keep inspiring!

  3. Macy-I loved your newest family fotos in Xmas balls. What a great idea. Enjoy your wonderful family this holiday season-I love your posts!
    Mary Ann Gonsalves

  4. Wow, what can I say. What an awesome job you guys have done with the house. Your children are so precious! I’m researching now about the Tiny House Movement. I hope I can build a Tiny House soon myself.

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