Free Downloads – 101 Things I Learned

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Just for fun I put together some free downloads.  Totally free downloads.



101 Thi101-livingngs I learned Building My Tiny Houseg

101 Things I learned Living In My Tiny House



  1. I wish I could get the 101 things I’ve learned and I would like to donate because I understand. However I’m homeless and tring to grassroots my own shelter build and do not have a credit card and never will. BY choice I do not ever want a credit card I’m 51 and remember life was better before credit card debt became a thing everyone must have I refuse to participate. I will pass on your links to other people because maybe someone can help you …but I am disappointed that I got a get it free notice and then it really isn’t. might want to change that in the future. Best of Luck to you!

    1. just put a 0 in the price box, its 100% free. If that doesnt work just let me know and I can track the digital files down to email you!

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