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CoverThis is my first ebook.  I never thought I would write one of these! I have decided to write this book though, in an effort to make the information on my website that relates to my tiny house build accessible and streamlined in a single, convenient and easy to find source.  It is 300+ posts condensed down to about 50 pages (plus a few ‘extras’ not found on my site).  This book covers all aspects of ‘what’ I did in my house, a lot of the ‘why’s’ and some of the ‘hows’ (for more information on the ‘hows’ there is a search bar at the top of my homepage, I have tried to be very conscientious of categorizing my whole site so it is easily searched through for information).  At the time I wrote this I just hit my one year anniversary of living in the house, this includes some thoughts on living here, pros and cons.  I have included a few lessons learned and suggestions on how I could have done things differently, better.  There are design tips and strategies, construction safety tips and plenty of pictures of the process.

If you are new to tiny houses this will quickly give you an idea of all that is involved in a DIY tiny house, it may be simpler than you think… I thank you for your interest and support and as always I am very happy to answer any questions that may come up and/or help you navigate your way to tiny!

Please do feel free to leave a review in the comments below.  You can purchase my book by clicking HERE.

Here are some sample sheets:

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