Blogging Your Tiny House Build?

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This is a topic that comes up pretty often and I am sad to say that a lot of people have chosen NOT to blog their build, number one reason I hear ‘the niche is saturated already’.  Makes me SO sad to hear!

When asked if I think you should start a blog for your own build I ALWAYS answer with a great big ‘ABSOLUTELY I do!’

I will back up and say I am not a ‘real blogger’, I didn’t get into ‘tiny housing’ to blog nor did I ever expect that any other soul would read the words I write (and boy I’m sorry sometimes when I go back and see all the posts that were never proofread or even spell checked…).   I started blogging for me and I suggest others start for that reason too (rather than to make money, get famous, tell others what to do or anything like that…)!  There are a few reasons for this:

  • If it isn’t for you it is really hard to justify those late, late nights recapping your days work to the internet, who is really not all that likely to respond in droves… If it is for you, and you commit to it, it gets easier to justify that time.
  • If you are constantly trying to think about what others will want to see about your build, or hear from you you are not going to have a ‘genuine’ feel and will most likely have a hard time finding readers anyway, people want honesty and they want to see what it is that you are doing and why you are choosing to do it… and you’ll want to remember over time too, occasionally.
  • It is nice and handy to have your build documented.  I used it both to get registered at my final inspection and I have referenced back MANY times to remember how I did something…
  • Simply put, if it is for others you won’t do it, if it is for you, you might!

There may never be anything that comes out of blogging your build, it does take a lot of time and commitment to follow through – but if you are at all interested I strongly suggest you give it a go!  Some things you might not expect that COULD happen….

  • People read your posts!
  • People send you nice supportive comments and emails!
  • People re energize you when you are feeling overwhelmed with the tiny houseness and give you that boost of energy you need to get over the next hump!
  • People stop you from making a huge mistake if they see something unsafe happening (take it all with a grain of salt, they aren’t ALWAYS right… but they might be!).
  • You might get materials donated to you by companies who see you as a great way to advertise their stuff.
  • You MIGHT make money (this is a long shot… my first check was $2.39 for a month, but let me tell you, I was STOKED!  Hardly a job replacement though…)
  • You will learn, about the internet, about yourself, about building and teaching…
  • You will have a great open journal and documentation to show prospective buyers of how your house was constructed, should you ever need to sell… and inspectors…
  • You’ll be able to answer all of your friends and families questions at one time and stay in touch over this ‘weird project’
  • You’ll probably introduce some new folks to the tiny house idea, normalizing things and inspiring all at the same time!
  • It may make it easier for you to find a place to park your tiny once it’s complete by both providing a ‘finished picture’ as well as showing the safety measures taken throughout your build to prospective hosts!
  • You might just have fun!

You may never have more than 10 readers, you may never make a cent, you may start and then stop and be all sorts of inconsistent (well you probably will be) BUT in the end you MIGHT just have a really cool journey documented to show your friends and family, you’ll have something to be really proud of!

So, what are your reasons NOT to blog?  If you’re not blogging how else are you planning to document your project/progress?

Finally, if you have a blog and happen to see this post can you leave it in a comment below, I LOVE following new and old builds! 



  1. I have been blogging on and off for over 10 years (wow, doesn’t seem like it’s been that long). Over the last few years, I have discovered how fun it is to go back and just scroll through – taking a walk down memory lane every so often. I blogged before my tiny house life and now that I am living the lifestyle, I am still blogging. I don’t have a schedule, I just post when there is something to post. I started out using blogger, then I switched to wordpress, then I went back to blogger. I like how blogger has no ads and I know code, therefor blogger is just easier for me to get what I want. I do not have comments because this blog is for me and if people want to comment, they can find me and talk to me. I don’t do it to make money or gain popularity, I just do it because it’s fun. A blog can really be whatever you want it to be.

  2. Oh, I fully agree. It can become a useful resource for others entering the process too. Things that worked and didn’t work, good ideas, and so much more. I spent a lot of time looking at designs, wanting a single level due to the realities of my age and height. And then I found your site. Ah!

    Years ago, I read Bucky Fuller’s book Critical Path. In it, he talks about seeing your life as an experiment. In an experiment, you document the process. I took that to heart and started documenting. Journaling. But also noting process.

    Years later, I have 2 blogs. Much of that content comes right out of the above. I go through some kind of process, i document it for later reference. How did I make that work? And then some of that is easily translated into a blog post or series. People ask about it, I just send them the link. I don’t have to go over it over and over again. Same with a gazillion other things. Some of that is now becoming a book and I’ve been asked to speak at a large conference this fall. All those notes became something larger than itself… they became expertise.

  3. Macy, I agree wholeheartedly with blogging. I’ve used this “tool” for almost a decade in various forms I’ve used my blog to reach readers and other writers of book. It sells books for me and connects with my readers. I’ve blogged about my strokes which has been republished in various other international and national organizations. I’ve blogged as a minister to put answers to real life situations into perspective and offer hope.
    So is it any surprise I plan to blog about the building of my tiny house and my homesteading efforts as a widowed, single handed homesteader? I plan to kick it off with both videos and blog of the build when it commences. No, the actual construction will be handled by a contractor and his crew. Being single-handed does have its drawbacks.
    I firmly believe in see, do, teach.

  4. Macy- I started blogging in January about my husband and I’s build. I have very few followers but I also know I have stumbled upon so many rarely read (as well as well read) tiny house blogs that were sooooo useful to me in gathering ideas and resources. But you are right- I am doing it for me mostly to document this fantastic journey. But if even one other person finds it useful than I will have surpassed my goal:

    1. I have been dragging too, sometimes that just happens, I am hoping to get a burst of energy here soon! Glad it was sorta helpful!! 🙂

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