Renovation Day 8

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This was a hectic week, it crept WAY over from the weekend and Hazel and I pretty much worked all week to stay as close to ‘on schedule as we could.  I wouldn’t say we are ‘off schedule’ but it doesn’t exactly feel like on either… I am scrambling to stay above water, I would REALLY like to get done before the 4th!  Through the week Hazel and I did get all the texturing and painting done in her room, I even got all the trim boards up and painted and the lights hung in there (and working!).

Everything was supposed to wrap up so that this weekend was a weekend of demo.  I knew it would be a tough one, and it was.  We didn’t lean on any grandparents for babysitting so we handled it with Hazel and keeping her out of the danger zone.  Pretty much James did all the hard work, he kept being concerned about preterm labor or something… so he broke up all the tile, through the heat wires and through the concrete backer board under it all, the floors are all the way down to bare wood now.  AND it all got done on Saturday!  1.300 # lighter.  I actually thought it would be more weight removed but still, impressive!  When James was done busting it all up I cleaned it up and took the rubble to the trailer.

We also got all the wood taken out of the loft area, the bard door into the bathroom disassembled and the counter started to be removed.  Today I was even able to get in with a grinder, grind down the metal on the dresser which has gotten pretty rusty… and get it primed to be painted!  The house is in complete disarray at the moment and we are camping in James’s shop until we can get it put back together again.  I DID get a new chop saw for mothers day and James got a new stapler for fathers day :).  We are building quite the shop… We talked about having to build a little mobile workshop as a next project, that could be used for all of our future projects (container house and straw bale house), that could be fun.

Aside from that we did step away anyway and take Hazel to the zoo, she gets a kick out of the monkeys and the zebras.  I also had some family in town and we partook in a family dinner where Hazel got to be a source of entertainment for all :).  I hope this week can keep the same momentum so that floors are ready to be installed starting Saturday morning!    The fun stuff should be in the next update, I HOPE/think we have two weekends left and we can call it done!  Crossing my fingers!

Hope you are all well!



  1. Wow! Live and learn, eh? I’ve long had a hankering for radiant floor heating, but your explanation of why it didn’t work is really making me think again.

    1. It CAN work for some, I am glad I tried it and learned, electric is not the best, Hydro would be awesome but I hesitate without doing more research putting water tubes in a mobile structure that vibrates when moved… I would hate for something to break!

    1. i should add that the hydronic should be heated with gas or even wood. i’m not fond of wood, hard to take a day or two off in the middle of the winter.

      ice cream. raz

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