Renovation Day 7

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We are STILL on schedule, simply amazing.  ALL the odds and ends are tied up and there is only a few more things to do.

We started the weekend on Friday with a trip to the home improvement store to pick up some drywall and supplies.  I wanted to continue with the experimenting so I got 1/4″ drywall.  I nearly used that to save weight on the rest of the house but I was afraid it may snap on install.  Turns out it doesn’t, it was much easier to work with because it is so much lighter.  I will see if it holds up as well as the 3/8″ I used on the rest of the house.

Saturday morning James helped me finish up the remaining electrical, I was sort of dreading that but it went off painlessly.  After that James’s step mom came to get Hazel for a day of fun, I am pretty sure she cried the whole day because she wasn’t feeling well but they were nice enough to say she didn’t and sent us pictures of her having fun in the bath!  While they had fun together James and I put up the vapor barrier and busted butt to get all the sheetrock up so that part was out of the way.  It is a tough one to do with a toddler around.  It took the whole afternoon but we did it!  Mission accomplished for Saturday.

Sunday morning I had the goal of getting all the odds and ends done that have been lingering and to get the first coat of mud and tape on the walls.  I started by waterproofing the re positioned water heater vent while I could do it in the shade.  Then I went to the addition and mudded everything, it just took an hour and a half or so, nice after expecting longer.  While that dried I took a little break with Hazel and then got to work filling the hole on the back of the house. It all went very smoothly!  I was even able to head back in to sand and put the second coat on the walls of mud.

Through the week I will start demo, scary!  I will be disassembling anything in the house that is wood or tile… be prepared for a total mess!  This is the dirty but exciting part!   I will also finish up the mudding, hopefully tomorrow, then texture the walls, then paint, add the trim and call that good inside.  On the outside I am hoping I can use one of Hazel’s nap times to reseal the pallet wood on the exterior.  Those are my goals for the week and then next weekend will involve a sledge hammer as we get rid of all the tile!  Scary exciting!

Here are some pictures from the weekend in no particular order since WordPress won’t let me re-order them for whatever reason, hope you all had a great weekend!


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