Renovation Day 5

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We got through weekend number five ON SCHEDULE (maybe even a bit ahead!).  This may have been the hardest weekend yet… I thought it would be easier/faster.  On Saturday we put up all the sheet metal flashing and trim pieces.  This was one of those days that you work your butt off but it really doesn’t look like much changed by the end of the day. Then on Sunday we put up all the sheet metal.  It comes in two foot wide sections and there wasn’t a single sheet that wasn’t full of cuts.  Even though we had the right tools for the job (grinder with a cutting wheel) it took longer than either of us expected.  I marked out the pieces, James cut them.  It took a lot of spacial skills and brain power to notch each piece of corrugated metal just right but I am amazed to say we didn’t mess up a single panel OR damage either one of our persons!  Monday we reserved to clean up the construction site, it was a good time for it now that the exterior is 95% done but also SketchUp has a small crew of people coming out to do a little filming (way cool!) next weekend, we thought we would be slightly less embarrassed if things weren’t SUCH a mess…  Monday was tough but we got things cleaned up and looking *better*, still construction-y for sure, but better! 🙂

I want to give a BIG thank you out to my mom and dad who took Hazel for pretty much the whole weekend and only returned her slightly damaged, fortunately it was in the form of a temporary tattoo of the rival team not actual damage 🙂

Next weekend we have a little break for the video crew and James’s niece is graduating then back at it with some drywall, then floor, then bed building then done!!

Some photos of the process and a quick video!

And because shes so dang cute, here is Hazel singing her tunes with Mariah, apparently her favorite!   🙂



  1. This is really coming along! I really like the look of the different textures you have going on.

    1. totally, he is ALWAYS undertow… you would think our house was tiny or something! He has plenty of room though but chooses to ALWAYS be in the way 🙂

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