Renovation Day 4

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This was a pretty light weekend, the whole goal was to get the rest of the materials we need to finish the addition (insulation, siding, etc.) and get the openings filled in, one with a window, one with a door and one with  framing.  Since we don’t have a truck the material gathering is more involved than it is for most people, we have to borrow, so less trips = more planning and my favorite, a BIG shopping trip at the home improvement store!  It actually worked out well to be a light weekend because we had a lot of other things going on too, James’s family did family photos that I was roped into simply because I had a kid with the guy… go figure ;-).  It was a lot of fun actually though and we all went out for pizza afterward, Hazel had a BLAST!  The kid is a social butterfly and LOVES her cousins! We even had a movie night AND went to the park… AND stayed on schedule, I think we are actually a little AHEAD of schedule because I have been working on wiring and stuff through the week.

OH!  I don’t think I have been able to mention it here yet because of the broken computer situation BUT, we are having a little boy in October (or hopefully September!).  He’s been nicknamed Mr. T (Mr. Tiny) but we are thinking of names.  I like Miles, or Milo, OR Miler… Miler L. [James’s last name], then it’s like both have our family names go forward :)… just with a misplaced l (my last name is Miller) :).  In reality we have 4 more months and hundreds of names will run through the head… but right now he is very healthy, everything looks perfect.  He’s much quieter than Hazel so far, she bounced around everywhere in the ultrasounds, he just sat there, we almost had to reschedule because he wouldn’t even move enough for the tech to take all the measurements… I had to do jumping jacks and he just hung out… she was skilled and quick, he flinched ONE time and she was able to get what she needed!  I am definitely getting bigger too, everyone seems to tell me how much bigger I am this time :).   I think most people would be offended but I am glad, I had a hard time putting on weight with Hazel, I am glad to not have that to worry about!  So, there is the quick preggo update, we’re going to have a little girl AND a little boy and we feel super lucky, though we would have been happy with either!  And done having kids with either :).

We did go shopping, I spend $1,000 at Lowe’s, ouch!  It hurt to spend that much all at once, I don’t know the last time I have done that.  But to put it in perspective I remembered that my monthly mortgage used to be $2,200!  Made it sting a lot less!  With that also I got new flooring for my entire house!  The next weekend we are planning on siding things and making it look finished from the outside.  We are going to skip a weekend because SketchUp is actually coming to film us over one of these weekends, that’s exciting but will set us back a little… so I have been trying to get ahead of schedule through the week around nap times :).  So, here are some pictures:



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  1. Looks good thus far! I’m like a kid waiting to see the final product!!! Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait….

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