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I’m not sure if I have ever announced the other tiny house resources that I work on, this site is obviously my own personal blog which chronicles my own personal adventures in tiny house designing, building and living.  I have been working in the community though to provide information to help others along their own path.  Since my build stopped I’m sure you’ve noticed I don’t update as much here, I hate feeling ‘forced’ to write relevant tiny house articles, there are a ton of sites out that which to that much better than I could so I’ve opted to keep this site just my adventures and insights to tiny house living and building.  For those who are looking for more info I do have a hand in some other sites that offer more broad information that may be helpful to those looking.



Planning Tiny – This is a site I started to offer information on what choices and decisions go into planning your own tiny home, and the pros and cons of each.  It isn’t as much about the lifestyle but that actual construction choices like picking insulation, how to frame, how to start designing your own and various systems and what may lead you to pick one direction over another.  It is fairly new but I am really going to start making a better effort to put more info on it (My goal, I’ll just make it public so I can be accountable is 2-3 posts a week).  If you prefer to follow and get updates on any new posts via Facebook there is a page that I update with new posts here.

As a part of that, I recently started a forum section where you can interact with others.  I know I have announced in my newsletter before that I run a tiny house Facebook group (more below) but I have heard feedback that it isn’t easily searchable for past conversations and people are not happy with Facebook’s privacy policies in general.  I am not certain there is a real need for a tiny house forum but I think it is important to provide the opportunity for it to be a resource for information from others.  If you’re interested I think others would be happy for you to sign in and add to the conversations as you can!  (it’s BRAND NEW so it’s not extensive just yet! Let me know if it’s buggy! :))

I think PlanningTiny will ultimately be MY best resource for others on their specific builds so I have put a quick link to it at the top bar of this website for easy access!



Tiny House Chat – This is a joint venture that Ryan Mitchell and I teamed up on mostly because we wanted to learn a new platform, podcasting.  It is available for free on itunes and stitcher as well but the main website where you can go through the archived episodes at www.tinyhousechat.com.  It is a user driven podcast so our topics all come from voice-mails left by people who have tiny house questions.  We play them on the air and talk about our perspectives and experiences as well as what has worked for other people.  For those of you who prefer to be notified of new episodes via Facebook there is a page where we post them here.  The podcast platform allows us to cover a lot of information fast, if audio is your think we hope it is a valuable resource!




Tiny House People – Lastly, and maybe the most ‘fun’ is the Facebook group.  We are quickly approaching 18,000 members, we talk about all things tiny and share progress updates to support and encourage others.  I do strictly enforce some basic rules such as no advertising, name calling or general rudeness, I think that is very important in making a productive and encouraging venue that is a ‘safe zone’ to ask ANY tiny house questions and share any ideas, there are people at every stage in there.  You can find this group and join here.


Other than that I imagine MiniMotives will get more exciting in the next few months as James and I do the renovation for Hazel’s room and of course I will continue to answer any actually ‘what is it like living in a tiny house’ questions and provide our family updates on our adventures here.  If you are new even to MiniMotives I put together an eBook that covers the whole build process which is much more concise than sifting through 300+ posts which you can find here.  Each site is it’s own effort, MiniMotives was always just intended to be my personal blog but it occurred to me I’ve never really made it clear I have other resources for tiny house information that I take part in!  So there you have it, hopefully you find some/all of it helpful!


Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate! 🙂



  1. Thanks Macy! All these links are so helpful. Also the books you have linked here on your site are great reads. I appreciate all the help you have provided 🙂

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