Family Update

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For those of you itching for tiny houseness you can find more posts about that over at PlanningTiny, this one is just a family update from life in our tiny house.

I’ve been waiting for Hazelnuts 9 month appointment to do a family update.  She’s shot down on the weight and height scale, shes been in the upper 90% since she was born but is now in the lower 70%.  The doctor wasn’t too concerned about it since she’s been movin and a shaken for a bit now that probably accounts for the weight loss  (or rather ‘not gain’) and the height can be just the difference in the person who measured, its a pretty minute amount, we’ll check again at a year to make sure she’s good.  I did my best to not bring her in bruised and battered, seems she gets a new wound every day.  I was successful but then she hurt herself AT the doctors office in front of the doctor.  She scraped her leg on the millwork in the office, at least he witnessed it so he didn’t feel obligated to call CPS on our little hooligan.  She is literally into everything but she’s not good at working her body so she ends up literally falling int/from/away from everything, resulting in boo boos.

She’s a cool kid, her personality is really starting to come out.  I would describe her as ‘stoic’, she’s a little shy around new people but is warming up finally to all her extended family members.  She is brave and adventurous, she loves things that spook her (so NOT like her parents!), I think shes going to be a bungee jumper and thrill seeker.  She likes bedtime but not always for sleeping, its her favorite play time.  We read her stories at night, its been an awesome way to get to read, we are on the Harry Potter, which I’ve never read or seen the movies so James jokes that I might be the only person who is new to it, but it’s a good story so far, we’re only halfway through the first book, Hazel doesn’t really care about the story but she does like getting read to.

In no particular order here are some pictures of our recent adventures (I just like to document our times here…) I hope you’ve all had a great holiday and have a safe and happy new year!



  1. You are such a lovely family. The little treasure has figured out a way to get even prettier, if at all possible.
    Just love the best wishes picture with Hazel and the dog standing over her. Such a great picture, love, love it.

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely family pictures! Don’t overthink the doctor’s height/weight charts. My youngest son was average size when he was born 7 lbs something, was colicky and only tolerated nursing for his first year and a half, became a very picky eater, and was very small for his age until he was about 10 or 11 years old. Now at 36 years old he is almost 6 feet tall. Healthy is the goal. People come in all shapes and sizes. Hazel is adorable!

  3. Don’t worry about percentiles unless they fall below 50. Kids have a way of getting lean before they shoot up. You just caught her during a lean period. Says Jo the mother of 5. Once kids become mobile, it’s a whole new ball game. If she’s happy, well fed, and into everything, they are right on the money. Remember percentiles are ratios that means only 30% are actually above her.

    1. That’s kinda what I was thinking but I’m glad to have it confirmed! She is a movin machine, thats for sure and getting slimmer for it!

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