Tiny Idahomes Open House

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James and I (and Denver and Hazel) had the pleasure of going to the Tiny Idahomes open house a couple weekends back, I just wanted to post a few pictures for those that missed it.  He had a great turnout and it was fun to meet everyone and hang out!  Denver even met a buddy!  There were THREE separate and distinct finished tiny houses and one that wa under construction.  I believe two of the three are available if you’re interested talk to Jesse, he’s a good guy and does really good work!  Thank you for letting us check out your digs Jesse!

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  1. Hi Macy! I have decided not to build my own little house, and have contacted Tiny Idahome’s to help me build my forever home. I am really happy that you were able to go to their open house and show off these great photos. Thanks Macy! Nicolette

      1. Hi Macy, I live in Moscow, ID and want to build. Any pointers as far as finding a PLACE to do it? I’m renting right now and don’t have land (yet). Any laws to consider?
        Please reply…

        1. No laws, it’s legal in Idaho to build your own rv (most likely what you’ll be getting it permitted as), there is lots of land and lots of farm owners up there, I would put and ad on craigslist to see if any of them would be up for letting you build! I’ve been contacted by a few people up that way so I know there are some that would be all about renting you a portion of their land to build on, it’s just about getting word out that you’re looking I think! Good luck!!

          1. Thanks! I recently found a new trend nationally… tiny home communities. I am going to do some research and knock on some doors to see if it would be feasible to get the city onboard with such an idea here in Moscow or Pullman. The community is strained for housing and I was really inspired to address it since I saw that teen’s youtube video on his tiny home class project. This may be a new trend we could begin… Affordable housing, pride of home ownership, and attending college!

          2. I will, most certainly! Side bar… In retrospect, would you pay more for a TH designed trailer, even if it may cost 2k more? I’m debating quick vs. economical…

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