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As this tiny house thing gets big you may want to get involved more, or at least show your support!  I encourage you to do so by starting or joining a group on  This is simple and easy to do, go to, search ‘tiny house’ in your area.  If there isn’t a group in your area start one!  Alternatively you can go to, see if there is a group linked there (blue tab, social event) and join there!  If you started your own I encourage you to post a link there as well!

Meetup Map

The reasons to join/start a meetup group are as follows:

  • This can effect change on the local level.  It gets a group of supporters together whom can be contacted to come show up and show support at the city level if/when needed to push change in the building department.  (most cases you only need to show up to show support, not actually speak!)
  • It keeps the dream alive by getting contacts near you whom you can hang out with and talk tiny with.
  • You can have work parties where you can help others and learn skills for your own build!

If you are the organizer of one of these groups you certainly do not have to go it on your own, ask others to become co-organizers and open it up to all members to hold ‘events’.  If you need ideas here are some that we have used and that I’ve heard of from others:

  • Have a movie night, there are a couple Tiny movies out there now, TINY: A Story About Living Small (it’s currently on Netflicks). We The Tiny House People, on Youtube.  BYOB, movie/chatting is a great event you can do even without a build!
  • Meet at a local restaurant to talk about tiny house plans and mingle!  Talk about challenges, plans, inspirations, dreams, goals, timelines, etc.
  • Have a BBQ/house party, doing the same things.
  • Organize a tiny house tour in your city, or even a small house tour.  I’ve noticed people living in small/tiny houses seem very open to sharing their lifestyle and opening their door to those interested.  Knock on a door and ask if they’d be open to having a group come through.  worst they will say is no, but they will still have been flattered!
  • If you have a tiny house near you organize an open house!  I personally do this 3-4 times a year, its a great opportunity to let others see and get a feel for if a tiny house is doable for them!
  • If you have  tiny home builder near you organize an open house with them when they complete their current build.
  • Have a build party, at various phases of your build, let others lend a hand in exchange for getting to borrow their hands!  (other hands come in handy at times!)
  • Organize professionals to come and talk about their profession as it applies to tiny.  Have an electrician in your group, let them talk about their field as it applies to tiny homes, plumbing?  Roofing? Framing? etc.?  We can learn a lot from one and other! Organize an opportunity for that to happen!
  • What other ideas do you have to do with a bunch of possible ‘strangers’ for a MeetUp get together?! (leave your ideas in the comments!)

Eventually one of us will need the support of many to be able to alter codes to allow a tiny house lifestyle.  When that comes up it will be invaluable to be able to ask for help from your known supporters to just come and show up, to show others in the position of power that there are a LOT of people behind this movement and that things need to change to incorporate this option.  Why not have some fun along the way with like minded people!

Reach out, locally!


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  1. Build Clubs & Planning Groups!

    Build Clubs… getting together with other locals to trade off on working on each others builds offers hands on experience similar to the Habitat for Humanity model. Once your group is established, reach out as a group to local building materials retailers, manufacturers etc to see if they will do demos of cool new/established products and how they apply to tiny!

    Planning Groups… Its well established that creativity does best when it has a chance to shine a bit. Planning groups are a great way to set and share layout and inspiration ideas and get fresh eyes on your project when you have stared at it so long your eyes cross!

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