Branching Out

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Well hello everyone!  Long time eh? 😉  I took a month or so off to reevaluate my life and try to figure some stuff out  I feel like I’ve got the clarity I need to go forward (yeah!), I’ll most likely write about that soon, I like to have things written out to reference later :).

This is just going to be a quick update on what we’ve been up to, a few modifications we’ve made to the house, some maintenance stuff and then a whole lot of our favorite daughter and the life we get to lead! 🙂

First, I bet you noticed a little makeover on my site… I’ve been meaning to do that a while, I finally did (and hopefully worked out most of the kinks??)!

Second, I want to mention and unofficially ‘launch’/tell you about a new site I’m working on. – long story short, I enjoy informing and empowering others to do similar things (build their own tiny house, if they are interested).  MiniMotives doesn’t really do that anymore.  It will remain a place to document my house and my life but PlanningTiny will be a place for people to go to get the information they need and want for their own tiny house.  I’ve got  a few posts up there.  There will be reviews of builders, classifieds so you can find other tiny house related items (or whole houses), information on how to choose a builder, design a house, build a house, various systems you can use with pros/cons/etc.  It’s purely for information, if wanted.  It was going to be a much biggerr thing and actually be a 3D modeled configurator that could take the place of Sketchup, making thing easier for those who hate Sketchup (there are a lot of ya!),  We went through a design phase, had a developer on board, designed the entire program, and did everything except hit the ‘launch’ button on a kickstarter campaign.  In our very last double check James and I decided maybe that the timing wasn’t right, we can build this website/tool, if it’s valuable we can cross the bridge to a full on custom tiny home configurator (unless someone wants to sponsor 20k ;-), that was the quoted cost… we are/were bummed to not go forward because it would be awesome, it’s just not in the cards for now).  Even without that, James and I both will be using our background in design, construction know-how , our tiny house experiences and our interest in sharing to simplify and demystify various building methods and rational you would want to know when designing and constructing your own tiny home.  Hopefully will prove valuable over time…  This aligns better with our goals, we’re excited.  We would love to hear feedback as we get things together and moving forward (its still in beta form!).

Third, our house updates, we have updated a few things, I have a couple new heaters to try out (I’d like to give reviews based on real life experience…).  We’ve done a little baby proofing, some potty maintenance, some decorating, images all below.

Lastly, family stuff! Hazel and Denver are awesome.  We’ve been active little community members!  We got to go to an ice show, a charity walk, some trick-or-treating, lots of playing and various other outings (because this is where I keep some pictures) there are probably way too many images below of all that!  Hazel is one healthy chunk of a kid, she is right in the middle of getting 6 new teeth, bringing the total to 8 shortly!  It looks painful but she acts like it’s no big deal, what a trooper eh?  She can now blow raspberries, crawl, pull herself up on things and is a very serious but sometimes exceedingly smiley baby!  Denver still likes to play with his Dane pals and sleep, he is starting to take more interest in Hazel nut too though!

I’ll keep it short and end there for now! I hope you have all been well!



    1. Cool idea Mark, I’ve done similar things and there is definitely a use for it! I’m not sure what you’d be looking my way for help with, you can email me at though and perhaps we can chat more!

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