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It is well past time for an update!  So, do you remember when Ryan Mitchell and I used to do the Tiny House Chat?  We would pick a topic and have a couple of guest experts on to talk about their expertise on video while anyone who was interested would log in and watch while being able to chat directly with everyone… It’s ok if you don’t remember, it’s been a little while but we had some awesome guests!



Andrew Morrison from hOMe and Luke Anthony (earthbag builder)1452137_228945840599258_2068082800_n

Kristie Wolfe and the tiny house family (all of them!)

1175502_204507023043140_979416435_nTwo time guest, Kacie Erickson and Danny Dover

Fun times!  It would be a lie though to say there wasn’t a lot of effort that went into finding guests and coordinating schedules so we could all meet at the same time.  And then the fact that it was live and necessary to be so because it depended on the interaction of whoever logged in.  It was so much fun but taxing at times.  It sort of died down in the summer then picked back up in the winter because of schedules and availability.  We had a blast but it wasn’t sustainable.  Ryan and I both never got ‘over’ it though.

I had been kicking around the idea of starting a podcast simply to answer all of the questions I get in an easier format and get those answers out to more people at a time since a lot of the same questions get asked.  I was chatting with Ryan about things and kind of tip-toeing around the idea when he mentioned thinking similar thoughts! We both hesitated to step on any toes of others doing the same thing, namely Drew and Laura who have run a great podcast for a while now (the Revo Convo).   We had a little chat with them though and all seems like a go so we took off on the journey of learning to podcast!  Thus, I have been absent-ish for the last couple weeks!  There is a lot to learn!  We are getting it down quickly though and we have high hopes to put out a great show under the same name as our original joint venture!

The reason we started this in the first place is to answer questions and start important conversations, we could not be happier with our new revision of the same concept.  This is a user directed podcast, we have a call in number on our website where you can introduce yourself and/or your build and leave a voicemail with any topic/question you hope to know more about.  Ryan and I will track down the best answers from the best people and publish them on the air!  We are aiming to have two episodes a week, one collaborative and one shorter ‘tweenisode’ that is done independently, either by Ryan OR I.

I am very excited to say that we are currently up and running!  You can search for Tiny House Chat on itunes, find us at our website and find us on Facebook!  It would be awesome if you gave us a call at 704.559.9577 (now or at any point in the future!) and left us a voicemail!  We hope you like it and welcome any feedback as always!





  1. Woohoo! I wasn’t around for the older thing, but I’m here now, and will be sure to tune in. Gotta start thinking of what I want to know most.

  2. Hey there Macy (and Ryan)! I called the phone number to leave a voice mail for your show but it didn’t seem to work.

    So I’ll ask my question here:

    How did you approach sponsors for your build? Your savings were significant and I wouldn’t mind reaping some savings for my own build. Were your sponsors local? What did you offer them, if anything, in return?


    1. Oh No! We had a small snaffoo early on with our phone line, I bet you hit right in between it being broken and us fixing it! I would love to know if it got fixed and have you try again at 704.559.9577, if you just can’t I will note your question, but it’s a great one and the written questions are stuck going to the back of the line right now!
      In short, my sponsors were all pretty much local and I have lots of tips and tricks to find them, I offered them a spot on my site under my sponsors tab, none of them were really all that concerned though about being listed.

      If you have a minute call in please! 🙂

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