Tiny House Magazine Issue 19

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Issue #19 is out!  Another 60+ pages of tiny house goodness!  I think I may even have some words in this one (I’m not sure!).  You can find this issue and others HERE! 🙂THM19300

Macy M
I am an artist, a steward, a minimalist at heart... I love being out in the sunshine... I love animals of nearly every kind, at least the furry ones, I am trying to be a gardener... I believe people are good at the core but are also capable of very bad things when they aren't intentional about their actions... I love my family, my passions and my life... I am just me :)


  1. I recently looked at the Time issues featured at the last store I was at but, woe to me, no Macy in them. At this point, I think I’m looking at ordering reprints for the kids and my special shelf.

    1. I keep thinking people are going to be ‘over it’ already, then some bigger outlet calls me for a story 🙂 Makes for great baby pictures! 🙂

  2. This is FANTASTIC! We are leaving Hawaii and moving back home to Louisiana and I would love to have a big hunk of land… but my issue is I don’t want a big house. The bigger the house, the more crap I seem to acquire and my anxiety doesn’t like that. I am married, but I also love my space… even sharing a 20 x 20 bedroom with my husband in a king sized bed sometimes gets to me. Do you know if there are any set laws or somewhere I could look to see about information regarding building multiple “homes” on a property? We were thinking a “central” building then a building on each side, leading to the small central building, so we each had our own space and of course room for the kids. I have no idea where to even begin. I also don’t know if we’d even be able to afford this, so… haha

    1. That would all depend on your local codes, best place to go is to city hall to talk to a local planner, they should be able to help you out!

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