Tiny House Magazine Issue 19

July 31, 2014 § 5 Comments

Issue #19 is out!  Another 60+ pages of tiny house goodness!  I think I may even have some words in this one (I’m not sure!).  You can find this issue and others HERE! :)THM19300

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§ 5 Responses to Tiny House Magazine Issue 19

  • lacysereduk says:

    I recently looked at the Time issues featured at the last store I was at but, woe to me, no Macy in them. At this point, I think I’m looking at ordering reprints for the kids and my special shelf.

  • Casey Friday says:

    Saw you in Dwell’s most recent issue too. You’re damn popular!

    • Macy M says:

      I keep thinking people are going to be ‘over it’ already, then some bigger outlet calls me for a story :) Makes for great baby pictures! :)

  • Leah Rizzo says:

    This is FANTASTIC! We are leaving Hawaii and moving back home to Louisiana and I would love to have a big hunk of land… but my issue is I don’t want a big house. The bigger the house, the more crap I seem to acquire and my anxiety doesn’t like that. I am married, but I also love my space… even sharing a 20 x 20 bedroom with my husband in a king sized bed sometimes gets to me. Do you know if there are any set laws or somewhere I could look to see about information regarding building multiple “homes” on a property? We were thinking a “central” building then a building on each side, leading to the small central building, so we each had our own space and of course room for the kids. I have no idea where to even begin. I also don’t know if we’d even be able to afford this, so… haha

    • Macy M says:

      That would all depend on your local codes, best place to go is to city hall to talk to a local planner, they should be able to help you out!

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