DIY Barndoor Hardware Download

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I have been asked a lot how to make my DIY barndoor that I use in my tiny house.  I put together detailed instructions in my plans and am offering them as a free download when you sign up for my newsletter.  Click HERE to sign up for my newsletter and download the instructions!

DIY Barndoor



  1. Okay, Macy, that answers my question. I’m already a subscriber. I have plans to hang a barn door, just need the hardware. Don’t think my contractor has hung one exposed, which is what I want. Good honest hardware is always attractive. Enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Macy,
    I believe I am a subscriber as I have been following you for years. But I dont see where in this newsletter I can get the instructions for the DIY barndoor. I live in a yurt so I am not interested in purchasing the plans to build, although if I were to build a tiny house , I love your design.

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