How Did I Not Know About This!? DIY Tiny House Guide!

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The wonderful people that made the amazing hOMe tiny house, of which I have even reviewed before, have DIY videos!  I totally admit, I am intimidated to talk to these people because they are role models for me, I am fortunate to be able to chat pretty often though!  They lead the life I want to one day :).  I am pretty sure I have been obsessing about them since my highschool years from afar as I am obsessed with strawbale houses and they also run  When I got an email from Gabriella several months back I instantly recognised the email and had to ask and make sure it was really them (bet you didn’t know that Gabriella! You’re my hero! :)).

ANYWAY!  As a good portion of the world knows now, they built an amazing tiny house so now I get to be in their club :).  Well, I’m not sure how but I missed the whole fact that they put out videos on how to build a tiny house!  I have watched their strawbale videos and know first hand how valuable they are and so I am stoked to watch their tiny house ones, I am sure they are just as great.  I feel the need to announce here that there are some great how to videos out from them!  I will be watching them shortly and I will be sure to do a review but if you haven’t seen them (who knows, maybe you were having a baby like me, I blame Hazel for me missing this!) you can find their videos here.  They also have a 7 day ecourse for building a tiny house that is FREE!



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