Spotlight! Motivated Montanan

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I love, love, LOVE finding new builds, especially ones by seemingly awesome people!  My eyes were opened up to this dedicated err… ‘Motivated’ Montanan, Candace, recently through the Tiny House People page on Facebook.  This may be the very first blog I have seen with a reasonable (AKA flexible) timeline attached to it.  She [very smartly] put together a spreadsheet to track her estimated costs so that she could spot the good deals when they came about, that willg a long way to helping stick to her $10,000 budget!  It’s available, right here to see (it looks pretty comprehensive to me! Even has weights!).  In the same link she’s got her actual cost that she’s tracking (saved $1,000 bucks on the trailer right off the batt! Congrats!).

There are some great sketchup images of her design which includes a small bathtub AND a pretty crafty set-up for her cat(s?).  Even though I am way behind the game in finding this site she is just getting vertical so it’s a great time to start following along if you aren’t already! Even though she is going to school full time it’s summer and she’s been posting very often.  Show her some support if you like her site!  Great job Candace, very excited to have found you just in time, all the best luck with your home, it’s looking great!


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