Spotlight! Tiny SIP House

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I have another wonderful tiny house to share!  This one may be known to several of you already but I get asked a lot about SIPs panels and tiny houses and whether or not anyone has done it yet.  Yes! There are actually quite a few now, here is just one example.  Art has been documenting everything from his build over at Tiny SIP House!  He’s posted on some great subjects including why SIPs are a great option and what it’s like working with SIPs.  He has been doing some great posts about life in his tiny house since he is finished and has been living tiny for over a year now.  He even has the same couch I was going to get, and it looks great!  You can see the pictures of his finished house on his site as well as other process images on his Flickr.  Great information!  If you’re interested take a look, if you like what you read and find it helpful let Art know!


And here is another plug for the facebook group Tiny House People.  It’s a great space ad a growing group where you can ask all of your tiny house questions and brainstorm with other tiny house people of all stages.  A good portion of tiny house dwellers as well as folks who have just started learning about tiny houses are already there!  Fun conversations abound! ab




    1. Hi Dennis, thanks for the question, I suppose I really should have clarified that (I’m sorry!)! SIP stands for Structural Insulated Panel, they are intended to replace regular stick framing and consist of rigid foam insulation sandwiched between two layers of structural OSB or Plywood. You give your design to a manufacturer and the panels are made and constructed for you at their shop with runs for electrical and openings cut out. It makes for a very fast construction time for the end user and also tends to be very rigid and very well sealed thermally since there are no framing members which lead to thermal bridging. Great question!

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