Dating in a Tiny House?

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It’s not all that surprising how often I get questions about how I met James?  What dating is like in a tiny house? If there is room for ‘activities’?  What was it like when I told [my date] I lived in a tiny house?  HOW did I tell my date that I lived in a tiny house? How can I get my partner on board with the tiny house lifestyle? Etc. and on and on!  Well I am never shy about those things and I think straightforward is the way to be in all cases, I certainly understand why it is a tough topic though.  Your home is so very personal, I feel rejected every single time I get criticized (and believe me, that happens a lot!)  Well, I’m happy to say there is now a legit answer to most of those the questions!

An internet friend and fellow tiny house advocate put together!  Cut to the chase and deal only with those who are already interested in the lifestyle!  It may not be the answer for those already in relationships looking to change their partners mind, but that is honestly pretty unlikely anyway (we are all allowed our own beliefs/opinions/feelings and tiny is definitely not for everyone!).  So far this has been a pretty great success and I am hoping that it will cause the numbers to even out and to see more guys feeling comfortable going the tiny route.  I have been contacted by several men who say that they would love to go tiny if they didn’t feel it would impact their likelihood of finding a girlfriend (perhaps this is an answer for Ryan’s post about single men and tiny houses).  As the stats sit right now 60% of those actively backing tiny houses are us ladies and mostly single ones… Odds are looking good for you men out there!  😉

And just to answer those questions above… James and I met in college but never dated until several years after graduation (he dug the tiny house which was already well under construction).  Dating is the same, sorta different but mostly the same (it’s just my new normal, some dates have actually been building!).  Ms. MiniM is a product of tiny house lovin, there is oodles of room for ‘activities’ and even if there weren’t, tiny house people are generally pretty creative about things… ;-).  Some dates were not into it and it ended at one date, one as sorta into the idea but it wasn’t for him and then one was really into it and partially attracted to me because of it!  If the lifestyle is important to you, if only to experience short term, don’t compromise… I suggest bringing it up right away and being completely honest, no need to continue getting to know each other and either sacrificing your dreams or being even more heartbroken when things fall apart.  Good to know compatibility right away!  As far as changing minds, I’m not sure that’s something I recommend.  Educate, show examples, give the opportunity for understanding/willingness/exposure to the tiny house concepts but it isn’t for everyone, if your current partner isn’t into it but you really are it may be a tough choice to make but now there is, hopefully that is a cool answer for some!


PS. and unrelated – There is a new-ish Facebook group, not for dating (though there seems to be an odd amount of flirting…) for those who are interested in asking their questions and brainstorming tiny house ideas with others interested in tiny houses.  There are all levels of members from those of us who have built or bought our houses and have even living in them a while, to those currently building to those just barely starting down the rabbit hole that is tiny house-dom… you can find it HERE, join it and feel free to ask any questions or answer any, there are some really great threads going on!

Be well!


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