Magazine Shoot #1 The Big One!

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Some people wouldn’t refer to this one as ‘the big one’ with  a TIME Magazine interview coming down the pipes soon but to me todays shoot was the biggest!  Dwell Magazine, the cream de la cream of design magazines in my opinion.  It’s so cool/weird/exciting/unexpected/amazing/etc. to have been contacted by Dwell (I MAY put them on a pedestal…).  It is also a bit weird/embarrassing to have a photographer, someone with an eye for detail and experience photographing some amazing houses, walking through my ‘learn it as you go’ construction project.  Believe me, If I knew Dwell was going to be coming to my house I would have done so many things different, mostly having to do with taping before painting/staining… general time sucking things I opted to wing it at!  Either way Dwell came and shot my house and have hopefully deemed it worthy of their September Small Spaces issue.  Pretty cool birthday gift if you ask me!  Time and Dwell seem to be focusing on completely differnt things so I am pretty excited about both!

Had I had more forethought I maybe would not have scheduled it for the day after my very first moms day, it made for a kind of crappy first moms day only because I was completely unable to just chill out and enjoy things with my kiddo, I was cleaning, DEEP cleaning (it’s amazing how much mess a person makes in one year, even in a tiny house), well that and I finished some things that needed finished that I’ve just made do with and tried to get a jump on spring planting so that there was something interesting to look at… Denver should be making a couple appearances in the magazine as well as James, MiniM and I.

James, MiniM and I went out to eat to celebrate!  Here are some pictures of a fairly cleaned up house…



  1. I’m so happy for you! And I’m not a bit surprised Dwell sought you out. I knew you were onto something special from the start – it wasn’t hard to figure out!

    But Time? Wow! Let me guess, they’re doing the social aspect and Dwell is doing the design angle? Pretty cool Macy!

    1. Ah Cheryl, you WERE sent to spam, weird that it would just start doing that… Sorry! Thank you! Time seems to be more focused on the economics of it ad Dwell is more the design/my story 🙂

  2. There you go girl!!!
    You totally deserve this.
    As I told you before, I just love that great dane. But MiniM is to die for. What a beautiful baby! I’m ready to adopt either one of them…lol

  3. How exciting! I love looking at the photos in Dwell, and then I laugh at how utterly un-minimalist my own home appears. You re-oriented your bed… it looks like it makes so much more sense this way. I hope it’s working out for you.

    1. Hi Diane, I always look at Dwell and think the same things! They worked their magic though, hopefully I can fit the bill, I certainly never feel like I belong on those pages though! 🙂 Very cool to get to be in them though! 🙂

  4. LOVE seeing these pics of interior cabinets, really gives a nice feel for what can be stored.

    DWELL?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! AAAAAAH!!!


  5. Woohoo!!! That is sooooo great. Well, you certainly didn’t build a Fencl! It’s so cool, and we all admire you. Keep on doin’!

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