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Sorry to be so late!

As many of you know I was racing my daughter to get the plans finished, she won that race! She is now 6 weeks old and has already been to the Atlantic Ocean (we live in Idaho) and across 18 states on our journey across the country for the first annual Tiny House Conference. She and Denver (yes the dog came too!) were absolute troopers! As was James who drove nearly the entire 6,200 miles, we all had a fantastic time and there were lots of ‘firsts’ for all of us. Anyway though, we made it back safe and sound and went straight back to work getting the plans put together, better late than never, right? 🙂

Thank you to each of you who gave me the support and the extra kick in the pants to get my stuff together and put these plans to paper, it was a lot of effort (a lot more than I thought it would be) but I have to admit these are the prettiest set of drawings I’ve ever worked on (I confess though, James did the lions share of the work, if it was just me it would probably take another year!). I do hope they live up to your expectations and, as always, I’m around for any questions and/or to help navigating your path to tiny!

  • General Information
  • Material List
  • Floor/Ceiling Plans
  • Roof/Undercarriage Plans
  • Framing Plans
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Plumbing Plan
  • Electrical Plan
  • Interior Elevations
  • Sections
  • Millwork Information
  • Construction Details
  • Sketchup Model

Basic Plans


Full Plans




I have set this up so that each person can get their needs met, I have three levels of plans available:  

I know some people just want the floor plans and framing plans and they will take it from there.  The ‘Basic-Plans‘ package is just this.  It is a 13 page set of drawings with general information (including links to products that may be less familiar and my exact fixtures), a material list for basic costing purposes, some floor and ceiling plans, elevations and framing plans, that’s it.  Simple easy general info without the bells and whistles.  There are no details of specific wall assemblies included in this package.

For those that want it all detailed out down to the millwork the ‘Full-Plans‘ set has just that.  It’s a 33 page set of drawings that includes everything in the Basic Plan package as well as the electrical plan, plumbing plan, millwork and all the details of assemblies I used in my actual house.  This, I imaging would be the package that I would purchase if I as starting it over again from scratch, in fact I WISH I had had this prior to going at it.

The third package is Everything, the full plans plus the Sketchup model which is fully editable.  I really didn’t want to let go of my Sketchup Model but I presume there are those people who want to build something similar to my house but maybe with a few tweaks.  This would be the package for them, they can start with the base sketchup model and tweak things from there.

There are just a few differences between the plans and my actual house, I made all of the changes for the better, they are as follows:

  • The kitchen window is shorter to allow for a sill above counter height
  • The stairs are relocated for ease of use
  • Tile floor are not suggested and radiant floors are not required (would require a heavy duty trailer)
  • Cabinets don’t require welding, they are more typical construction
  • Walls are 24″ on center
  • Electrical panels may vary
  • Trailer will vary (there are general connection details)

I wish you all  the very best and I hope to follow along with your journey to minimize!  Please do not hesitate to contact me, if I can help you get there I certainly will!



  1. Prepare for the wrath of the tiny house community – “It should be cheap as free! Blah blah blah!”

    In other news, I love that pricing table! Looks really great. Congrats on getting the plans out there!

    1. OMG thank you, its amazing how much work goes into these things! Its an extra detailed set so hopefully ANY beginner can pick it up and easily understand how it goes together, I should have made these PRIOR to building, I would have caught some mistakes! Live and learn….

  2. Amazing accomplishment! To be honest, I’m not in the market for actually building a tiny home, but I write fan fiction and often will use real houses/plans as homes in my stories(nobody ever sees them but me, I do it to help my adhd mind calm down, at night), because I’ve tried the apps and software and I’m just not good at planning architecture. I’ve looked at many, many tiny home plans, pictures, blogs, etc., and yours is my absolute favorite, especially as I am a senior and don’t like ladders, even in my fantasies, ha! I especially love the house with the second bedroom, and bathtub(yay!) added on, although I miss the porch. I love a veranda! Good job!

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