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I haven’t done this is a while but I would like to get more FAQs from those of you building tiny houses.  You can get the word Document HERE.  Fill it out with the information on your house, send it back to me at and I will get it uploaded and posted by your website on my TinyHousers link to the left and everything links back to your site.  Are you not on my tiny houser list?  Say hi, I would love to check out what you’re doing!

I like to do these FAQs so that others can read through all of the possibilities and know that there may be more than one solution for every design problem.  There are a lot of people who seem to benefit from this!  If there are other tiny house blogs that you follow that you would like to know more info about pass this on to them!

Help Wanted

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  1. I’ve decided tiny house living is not for me. How do I make my tiny house bigger. I’m at 400 SF right now and I would ideally like to be at around 2700-4000 SF. Also I will need a three car garage for my Ford Super Duty, Hummer, & Cigarette Boat. I am on a budget so…

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