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No baby yet, hopefully soon though!  I was fearing that she decided to call it quits and just not to be born after all but I had my appointment this morning, there is still progress being made (I think the swinging – on the swing set! – helps).  I am 90% effaced and 2+cm dilated, she is all lined up and ready to go (and had a huge growth spurt in the last two weeks…).  We are just waiting for broken water or contractions to start and then there will be a MiniM… Still have the timeline of 2 hours to 2 weeks before baby time.  My midwife took off this afternoon to a conference for a week though so I have been thinking tomorrow would be a good day for her to come, that would be the way it goes :).  That is one of the pros of going through the hospitals midwifery program, there are a couple other midwifes to cover when one is out, I am not worried at all about my particular midwife not being there for the delivery, if it works out like that then it works out like that.

We also happened to run into James’s brother and sister in law at the Dr. office, they were there to find out the sex of their baby.  I won’t ruin the surprise in case they haven’t got the word out yet to everyone they want to but I am excited that MiniM will have a baby cousin that will be about six months younger than her :).

Here are some pictures of all of the stuff mom, grandma and only a little bit of me have been building for MiniM.

Macy M
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  1. Hang in there…the last few days, when you are ready to go and the baby is ready to hide out for a little longer can be uncomfortable. Take advantage of the time to catch up on sleep and pamper yourself!

  2. I am sending you happy thoughts ahead for your birthing day! I enjoy getting these updates and reading all your experiences in your tiny home. Be well! 🙂

  3. I remember wondering if the baby would ever come out. He did and it was magical. Wishing you happy last *tiny* season of inside babyness. Your little one will be here soon and you will be an amazing mama– you already are!

  4. I’m always amazed at what people can do with crocheting and knitting. Me I have absolutely no talent in that department. Kudo’s to those who do. The stuff is all beautiful.

  5. She is already one well-loved and lucky little girl! The last few days feel like forever but before you know it she will be here. And than the real adventure begins! You are already an amazing mom, it appears to run in the family.

    1. Thank you so much Wendy, if I can be as good of a mom as my mom I will be ecstatic! 🙂 She’s one of the best people I know!

  6. All good thought to you, baby and all the loving family that is supporting you in all sorts of ways!

    The endless wait will end!

    1. Thank you so much Virginia! I SURE hope so! I am STILL waiting, she seems to be just as stubborn as her mom! 🙂

  7. I found your blog from Tiny House Talk. I can’t tell you how much grief I got from my family when I told them I would use cloth diapers for my little DD. Thy were actually trying to convince me it would be more expensive and hurt my little babe. What? So many ignorant people and so little time. Once you have your little baby it will change everything and once you get used to each other everything will fall into place.

    I am envious you built the house yourself. We are in Iowa and will build a small house (around 800 sqft) and a ‘very good house’ since we probably won’t do all out Passive House. We can do the finishing, but will have to find an architect and a crew.

    1. Thanks Allysn for the kind note, it is nuts what people decide to have opinions on when it comes to other people’s lives! 🙂 I wish you the best of luck with your house, it sounds awesome!

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