hOMe, An Awesome Tiny House!

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I want to highlight some of the other tiny houses I love every now and again and this is a great one to start with!  This is Andrew and Gabriella Morrison’s 28′ tiny house.  This is just 4′ longer than mine and seems to pack SO much more usable space than that in there!   I love the finishes and style of the whole thing, my guess is that if you like my house you may just like this one too!  It’s pretty modern/contemporary in style but a completely different flavor too.  It’s a great example of the differences you can have even in a small space.  I love seeing new houses that look nothing like others I have seen, and this one is completely original.

These guys are a bit of a crossover love/interest for me also, they are the folks behind Strawbale.com which, as some of you know is the direction I am going next.  I have really enjoyed getting to know these two over the last several weeks, they have been extremely friendly and helpful for one of my strawbale side projects which I think I have yet to mention (I got to work on a tiny strawbale house for an awesome lady locally! Hi Linde :))   if you have an interest in either tiny houses OR strawbale Andrew and Gabriella are definitely someones to keep an eye on!

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Tiny House Website HERE

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  1. I’m so glad you liked this one too Macy, it competes with yours for my favorite. I’m not real big into cooking so I don’t need a large full kitchen, but I’m very anti loft ladder so I love what they did with their stairs.

  2. Andrew and Gabriella,kudos! Macy, I agree this tiny house is special, not better than yours, just different. Both your tiny house and theirs are innovative, unique, evolutionary, breaking new ground, I have tons of questions, and am anxious to see a floor plan, and specifics on weight distribution, use of space within the 8′-6″ height restriction. Clearly a tremendous amount of thought has gone into this design, along with a high degree of professional execution and passion. One thing I like at the outset, is that it is very pleasing to the eye, drawing you in, wanting to see more, and from the images, above, it has tremendous “WOW” factor.

    1. I don’t know Ethan, I’ve noticed it used in LOTS of tiny houses and bus conversions though! Someone should answer if they know 🙂

  3. Nice post–I am headed for a strawbale small house also—that is interesting that you are too—have Andrews first two videos on strawbale building—didn’t know he was into tiny house too.

    1. I know, I didn’t either until recently, they have some really cool stuff too, their kiddos each have their own space, one is a treehouse and I think the other is a yurt, they hit a lot of different realms! 🙂 Fascinating people!

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