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  1. The black olives are a nice touch and taste so good. Was the cooked rice added to the enchilada mix ? Did you use flour tortillas ? I would not expect them to fall apart (the flour tortillas came out of a sealed plastic bag (i.e.; Mission Tortillas) and were soft and flexible ? Looking at the pan of enchiladas, makes me hungry. They look great. I really enjoy fried rice, I chop celery to give a little crunch (the green vegetables and yellow egg make a nice color splash). I use a grater to create a cup full of bright orange carrot slivers, Oh, no! No diced tomatoes with Italian seasoning added to your sauce?

    1. I did add some rice to the enchiladas but I used corn tortillas, that’s what my dad always used, I need to find out his secret to making them not break! It’s probably not going to be very healthy :). I just like corn tortillas on the enchiladas though! Which sauce do you add the diced tomatoes to? I suppose I could add them to many of them, the spaghetti would probably be the logical one though! I’ll have to start doing that too! 🙂

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