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I got my new tablet/phone in the mail.  There was LOTS of great feedback from my last post about lowering my bills even more, I think everyone had great solutions, I was happy to see not everyone is buying into the huge cell phone marketing scheme!  Apparently I am late to this party, better late than never though!  So, there were lots of great options mentioned for cheaper services, some really great fall-backs if for some reason this doesn’t work out but the point was to get rid of the bill all together!  I have a bucket list item that states ‘spend less than $100 on my utility bills in one year‘, now some may not consider the phone a utility, and perhaps I ought to change that verbiage but I know when I wrote that I included my cell phone in it, for integrity sake I have to include that and make steps toward that.  Even if I spent $10 a month on a phone I would go over my budget.  So, the point is to not even spend that much.

I know that a LOT of people were concerned about MiniM and if there was an emergency etc.  Believe me, I am too, more than anyone else I’m sure!  The point though is that where ever it is that we spend our time we will have access to a phone.  I will be using Google Voice which is free and available anywhere there is wifi (ie home and work) where I spend 85% of my time.  If I am anywhere else it is either with friends or family (who have phones) OR on the road between those destinations.  THAT [he road] is the place I feel least secure.  The solution to that is to have a phone, charged and in my car at all times.   The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) now requires that 911 calls are required to be sent through weather or not I am a subscriber to their services.   This handles my fears about traveling without access to an emergency phone if ever needed.

“The FCC’s basic 911 rules require wireless service providers to transmit all 911 calls to a PSAP, regardless of whether the caller subscribes to the provider’s service or not.”

All problems solved:

  • Home phone via tablet and wifi (my wifi has been FAR more reliable than my cell phone has been).
  • Work phone via work phone (I am just ditching the cell option there, I have email and rarely got calls on my cell for work anyway).
  • Travel phone via unsubscribed, always plugged into my car charger and in my console, old-school flip phone.
  • When I am out with friends and family, we will have their phone, (unless they decide this is also a good idea and ditch their line, but then I still [most likely] have the wifi option because where is there no wifi anymore really?? :), PS, that won’t happen I’m sure, people think I’m pretty extreme in ditching the phone.

Other benefits:

  • Every loved one I have will appreciate this, NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!   A horrible habit that I have that is extremely dangerous and needs to stop… check.
  • When I am with friends and family I will be WITH friends and family, not checking my phone… Check.
  • No phone bill!


And in other fun news here is a video of a Great Dane fighting with a Chihuahua 🙂 (Denny and Tobi)



  1. Macy,

    You have inspired me to seek change. In fact, I installed Google Voice on my tablet and switched all my International calls to Skype.

    The problem I have is not knowing how to properly use Google Voice to make calls and receive calls. For a week, had all my relatives / friends reach me at the Google Voice number but it always went to voicemail.

    I admit that the Google Voice was being used on a Andorid Motorola smartphone (but the phone line was disconnected from Verizon).

    All my research on Google Voice explains that the concept came when Google acquired a traditional phone company, but have yet to find a simple how-to instructions for using this successfully to replace a cell phone line.

    Another option being explored is using Skype – Unlimited US landline & mobile minutes for $3 monthly, or less than $40 per year. I currently use a Skype subscription Unlimited Landline to Venezuela (talk daily with my 100-year old Grandfather) and the communication is far better than even my current VOIP ($250 annually).

    Your blog has been more helpful than any budgeting / financial self-help book, mainly because you discuss what has worked after going through the experience.

    1. Hi Federico! You know I haven’t got it fully switched over yet, I will do a post on exactly this though! Let me get it set up and make sure I am up and running all the way before that though! Thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. What model keyboard did you get? Is it specifically made for the Nexus 7? It looks like it has a slot to hold the Nexus 7 at the proper viewing angle while typing. I’ve seen some Bluetooth external keyboards, but then you would always have to prop up the tablet.
    Good luck with your new system.

    1. Hi Dave! It is made specifically for the nexus 7, it snaps around it when not in use to protect the screen, it’s really handy! That is the exact one I got, it is small and so I am adjusting to it but it is sure useful AND does prop up the tablet for me which is handy!

  3. Macy, I feel the same way as you in so many ways. I just recently dropped my cellular carrier for Google Voice and GrooveIP service. I continue to use my Galaxy S2 phone and it allows me to make and receive calls whenever connected to WiFi. Text messages are free through the Google voice app. My phone is parked on WiFi 90% of the time. It’s been working out great. I only part my mortgage, HOA dues, and Idaho Power. I am not under 100 dollars a year yet, but working on it.


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